Fishnet stockings are sexy, Amirite?

yesss please!


How did you find the websites you use?

i dont even know how....

happy birthday!

i enjoy this site

What useless skill or talent do you have?

dang, that takes skill :)

Give the wealthy better healthcare, let the poor suffer and die. They deserve disease and death for being screwed by the system or not being born into the right families or social conditions. Those who stepped on other people's backs, stole their ideas, tricked them, lied, cheated, and threw others under the bus to get ahead deserve to be safer than those who's lives they destroyed. They also deserve to pay less taxes because they earned it! Even those who did absolutely nothing in their lives but get daddy's money and sit around picking their balls are more entitled to good stuff than those who've worked themselves to death and earned very little money. All hail the corporate despots. All hail the wealthy, those who've bought their right to moral superiority in the eyes of our leaders and their supporters. USA! USA! USA! Get Rich or die screaming!

everyone should have health care and it should not be based on what class they ended up being born in.

the only option:)

I spent time reading all o this and wow there is some good points from both sides. Personally, I am attracted to both male and female. Why? Because i am? I like boys, don’t get me wrong but from experience most seem to be complete assholes no offence. They are either cute but too shy, or gorgeous but huge jerks it seems. But girls aren’t as much? I mean yes there are b*tches as well but girls are easier to get to know and more considerate and cute? I don’t know if any of this makes sense. It’s kinda hard to explain. But it’s also not just physical attraction either I like how someone said that a hot girl working out can be attractive as well and so maybe masculinity in general is attractive for both sexes as well being feminine.

A game- I will say a word and u say the first thing that comes to mind. Keep the game going! Belly button

stomach anus

What useless skill or talent do you have?

that ain't dance boy :)

What useless skill or talent do you have?

uh... play ping pong?:)

i have never heard this before lol

Some singers are a shame to our country... *coughs (Justin Bieber)

he is a shame to the music industry, as well as Canada.

Why would it be funny