Turn 60 degrees and walk away never to look back. You never know which face will be looking at you.

I hear ya C_ZAR1~ biggrin smilie If you listen to me speak at times, some may find I can turn anything into a sexual or sensual innuendo !! Some call if a gift.. Some call it sick... I just call it like I see it !!mischief smilie

Does it bother you when people make assumptions about you before they even know you?

I'm loving these choices for this question! ;) Absolutely not, if it is for the positive. Of Course, if it leans towards the negative. :) :) The golden rule applies: Never Assume. It makes an "Ass" out of "U" and "Me." Happy happy!

Have you smiled today?

You already have! Assuming that is you in the picture, You are very easy on the eyes and I know for a given fact, You are VERY SMART! You have absolutely all the reasons to wake up and be free to experience all the wonderful things that come your way! You are a great person. If you feel down, remember Merlin thinks you are an asset to this world. Maybe that will help to remind you why you have a reason to smile! biggrin smiliebiggrin smilie

Still Pheelin' The Love. Are You Pheelin' It, Too?


I don't think so. I am the same way to people I know in flesh and I'm happily married. I am rather open about everything and anything I can another with. I would say, NO for me.

You can express how you interpret a situation or how you engage in a dispute. You can't "tell" anyone how they are going to see or feel. Fortunately, we all process information differently.


Hi Melizmatic~ :) Thank you for making me feel so welcome. :) I have a small question.. It's off the subject... but being the wise Melizmatic you are, you probably can answer it quickly. What is the icon OP after your name? Does it stand for Outstanding Person? If it doesn't, it should! Thanks in advance for your answer. Happy thoughts, Merlin :):)


Thank you! Riddle solved! I'll pass it on to little_queen. I asked her and told her when I found out, I would let her know. Thanks again and see you soon on another.
Happy! happy! Merlin! :) :)

Those would be awfully bit shoes to fill. But, under the circumstances, I would be like The Grinch and my feet would grow 2 sizes that day! :) :) Yes, I would without hesitation.

The world needs more smiles. What's making you smile today?

Many things make me smile. One of them is coming to this site and seeing familiar names that are enjoying each other's company and sharing things that make them happy.
Thank you for sharing such a happy happy thread!

What's the best time you've ever had in your entire life?
@Caitlyn We had my birthday at Six Flags and I got to bring along two of my friends. It was a great day!

Hi Caitlyn~ Yiippppeeeeee!
I went to Six Flags for the first time about a month ago! What a blast. I'm sure you're braver than we were. I even went with my husband and we were too scared to go on The Riddler... Did You?
Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Which Part of the Sky is Most Beautiful?

I think sunrises

Do You Like Cloud Watching or Star Gazing?
Is the term "You guys" a sexist term?

NO! Not at all!