"WOW!" .. "Oh shush the camera adds 10 pounds" ..."So, how many cameras were on you?", amirite?

I love that episode of friends

I dont think any girl would want to "get down on a hairy ballsack", no less "jump right in", amirite?

Where is that from

You shouldn't park in front of a hydrant in Lincoln Park, especially if a cop is near, 'cuz they gon' fine you, amirite?

The funniest thing about that is that it is a true story

Everything seems amplified when you are trying to be quiet, last night at midnight I had the muchies and went downstairs for doritos when I tried to open the bag it sounded like a fucking earthquake.... At least I got my chip :) amirite?

oh my bad

Shaun White is a beast, amirite?

I prefer Mullen

I've always wondered whether Voldemort ever summoned a Death Eater at a bad time. Like in the middle of a shower. It wouldn't go over very smoothly, amirite?

It might if it was bellatrix

Blacks and Asians ALWAYS have the best shoes, amirite?

Yeah im mexican and always wear nike sbs

The fearless may not live forever, but the fearful do not live at all. amirite?

I love the princess diaries

Adidas is better then Nike, amirite?

Nike is the best. When adidas comes up with a shoe that is even half as good as nike sb dunks they will be 3 times better

Adidas is better then Nike, amirite?


The peeps who invented muchies chip,know exactly what stoners like: it's all about the doritos and sun chips bitches, amirite?

I love that site

You know what LMS stands for, amirite?

What is it

First kisses seem to usually happen between the ages of 13 to 16, amirite?

No it did count that was my first gf

There's always that one stereotype that makes you wonder how it cane to be, amirite?

Taco bell type food is what every mexican eats every day i like pizza

Roald Dahl deserves the same amount of attention Stephanie or J.K Rowling get , amirite?