Some lucky person is going to be the first human to ever masturbate on Mars, amirite?

probably shoots further with the lower gravitational pull

The solution to the Fermi paradox is the rest of the life in the universe is hyper dimensional, amirite?

I dont think theres a paradox there at all. Theres rather logical explanations for our "universal seclusion"(namely time and distance)

Or.. the universe is hyper dimensional

If everyone had access to basic living standards we could focus on existential problems. amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker I often think about this, but I tend to think of it as existential problems are a form of luxury. That they're the...

Which is probably why the Scandinavian countries are some of the highest in the world in suicide rates.

Not saying we shouldn't try it though. I'd rather people not dreading if their next paycheck will be enough.

Flair guns and fire extinguishers are two purchases that you hope you never touch again after buying. amirite?
You've never sneezed more than 3 times in a row, amirite?

Praise the lord

It's likely that you are the cause of someone else's emotional trauma. amirite?

The counter clerk at the gambling outlets

Middle aged women are attracted to the pool boy because he cleans something. amirite?

And cause middle aged women are horny af.

A blind person will never truly know what haircut they want, amirite?

Are you bald?

Every single person on planet Earth talks with an accent, amirite?

Does sign language have an accent ? Do we even use the term ' talking ' for it ?

Since quantum particles do not really snap into existence until observed, a tree falling in a forest without an observer present would not make a sound. amirite?
Popcorn is the only type of food we purposefully explode to consume, amirite?
Storm from X men would save more lives if she just stuck to improving agriculture. amirite?
@Boknows12 Viagra is $1.6billion in 2016 sales alone... Or shrink every animal stuck in a zoo so it gets a decent relative...

Shrink cancer cells etc.. you could ship so much stuff with Pym particles. He would put DHL FedEx and every other company like that out of business.

Also Superman should toss that Texas sized patch of plastic in the ocean right into the sun.

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
@capamericasur I am talking in more generic sense. If you go someone's house and somehow see a browsing history to seeing a clean...

So what's worse, knowing specifically what type of porn they watched or just assuming they watched porn

Johnny Depp would have several Oscars if it wasn't for Amber Heard, amirite?

If he didn't get one for Ed Wood, he probably ain't getting one.

If everything happens for a reason…than it has to include everything—like each grain of sand in it's very exact position. amirite?