Protests have proven that lockdown was pointless, amirite?

Nope! People have been wearing masks just to stay safe! People are STILL getting the virus!

The things they DONT teach in school are more important, amirite?

Yeah! There's so many things (like racism and the bad things the the pioneers who found America did) that they don't teach us!

If you can't say ASK you are an ignorant person who has never even finished high school. AX is not ask, amirite?

I'm sorry, but for some people it's HARD to say it properly. If it bothers you, then too bad.

Markiplier is the biggest attention seeker to ever exist on the internet, amirite?

Markiplier's the biggest attention seeker? For getting emotional because he loves his fans!? "He always posts videos of himself crying like a little b*tch at some stupid cringey shit his fanboys made" now, look at how you said " some stupid cringey shit his fanboys made" "Cringey" even though it's a video telling Mark to stay strong and never give up, and explaining how much they love him. He's been through A LOT and he's an extremely kind person. If you think HE'S an attention seeker you might wanna check yourself.