Million dollar idea: A bathroom mirror that takes pictures.
Some school systems have severely restricted funding for their P.E. programs and some have even cut out P.E. altogether. I think we need to bring P.E. back into the schools and put a heavier emphasis on sports and exercise. Exercise fights obesity and team sports teach children how to work together.

I believe PE should receive funding because health is very important, but to be honest, I dislike most sports. I'm a sophomore and this is the last year I have to take PE class and I'm very glad. The kids that participate in sports at school have an obvious advantage in both the physical part of class (playing sports) and the educational part (taking tests on the rules of football, for example). I think everyone should be required to try the sports in elementary school and continue PE into high school, but I don't think you should be forced to play a sport you don't like. You could just walk laps or run or jump rope or lift weights instead.

It's strange that most women aren't willing to admit their actual weight. If someone knows how heavy you are, its not going to alter your appearance in any way, amirite?

It's none of their business.

Chivalry is dying, amirite?

I don't necessarily think so. I think as long as people instill good manners into their children that they should treat everybody (not just girls) well, we'll be fine. I was at party a few weeks ago and one of my friends (a male) wouldn't sit down because I wouldn't. He felt wrong sitting while I stood.

Why don't we all just get together in a group and make a decision to stop judging people for what they wear? If a girl wants to wear a super low cut top and booty shorts, who the fuck really cares? It doesn't affect you, amirite?

Well it actually leads me to believe that the reason you dislike these people is not because of how they dress, but their other personality traits, such as being unintelligent or not nice, and you only dislike their clothing choices because you already dislike the person.

Why don't we all just get together in a group and make a decision to stop judging people for what they wear? If a girl wants to wear a super low cut top and booty shorts, who the fuck really cares? It doesn't affect you, amirite?

So you're assuming that just because someone wears a low cut top occasionally or some short shorts that they are a "slut" and have all these undesirable personality traits and (from what I gathered about your comment about welfare) are going to have a child they cannot support? That's a very large assumption to make from such a small amount of information. Maybe the girl is typically not confident but is feeling really good about herself that day, thinks her legs look great and a miniskirt is just the way to show them off?

Whenever you do a stupid driving maneuver you wish you could just whip out a megaphone and yell, "I'M NOT STUPID!" amirite?

I want to scream "I AM A STUDENT DRIVER" since I'm only sixteen and I just got my permit.

A 16-year-old girl liking a 14-year-old guy isn't that weird, although it does make her a cougar, amirite?

Two years (probably not even a full two in this case) isn't that big of an age gap. Especially since a sixteen and fourteen year old could feasibly be in the same grade in school.

Even if they are technically adults, at 18 very few people actually "grown ups", amirite?

Is anyone ever really grown up?

If Hogwarts was a regular school, Trelawny would teach English because she'd always find symbols that don't actually mean anything, amirite?

Trelawney's predictions only came true because people made them come true. Voldemort heard of the prophecy about Harry and him so he had to kill Harry. That's why the prophecy came true. Voldemort made that happen. It wouldn't have ever mattered again if Voldemort hadn't heard about it and decided to act on it.

LOVING someone and being IN LOVE with someone are two completely different things that shouldn't be confused, but usually is, amirite?

I think it can be difficult to know the difference until you've felt both of them.

It's not like the rest of your skin isn't going to be saggy too. It's just skin. Ink won't change that.

Nobody ever takes ownership for the bad things they do anymore, amirite?

People have never wanted to own up to their mistakes. In fact, I'd say people are more likely to do so now than ever.

When compared with the technology of the time, the first iPhone from 2007 was far more innovative than the iPhone 5, amirite?

So I was like 10 or 11 when the iPhone first came out and the first one I ever saw close up was my friend's aunt. We were on a camping trip and it was raining and she was on Google on her iPhone. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that you didn't even have to have a computer to be on the internet.

No offense Katy Perry, but most teenagers use the term "skinny jeans", not "skin tight jeans". amirite?

Maybe they weren't skinny jeans, but they were still very tight.