You'll never serve yourself the right amount of ketchup. It's always too much or too little. amirite?

It's just always too much, as far as I'm concerned

Make a small change to the truth and it's seen as deceitful. Make a ridiculous exaggeration to the truth and it's seen as satire/humor. amirite?

But if people don't know the truth, they might take you at your word.

Sarcasm is always a risky decision.

It's easier to become the richest man in space than the richest man on earth. amirite?

But... Earth is in space

Humans can be divided by those who wet their toothbrush before brushing, and those who don't, amirite?

WAIT EVERYONE DOESNT WET THEIR BRUSH?!? How do they get the scrubby bubbles then?!?! The paste will stick to their teeth so bad :((((

The NBA isn't too complicated. It's just basketball with extra steps, amirite?

So basketball is just basketball with no extra steps besides the neurons you needed to make this

Stretching your legs and pointing your toes when you lay down to sleep is a better feeling than morning wood. amirite?
Animals just walk around butt ass naked, and nobody ever questions it. amirite?

Not fishes.

There are 5 times less binary numbers than base ten numbers, amirite?
Jeans with holes in them cost way more even though you're getting way less jean. amirite?

Less for more

Respecting your elders only made sense in the past when people had to be smart, wise, and talented enough to survive into old age. amirite?

You may have a point. Darwin has not been able to do his job.

Deadpool probably isn't circumcised because of his regeneration ability, amirite?
Deadpool probably isn't circumcised because of his regeneration ability, amirite?
@Framie1 I did not know he's a canuck. However, he was born in 1973 and the circumcision rates in 70s Canada was 48-61%...

I did not take looking at the year he was born into account with the statistics I pulled. That is a good point.

20 years ago people would print out web pages and hand you the papers. amirite?
@contextrip Map quest

And even before that I remember buying a physical atlas and writing my own directions.

Black holes might be exhaust ports for the machinery of our universe, amirite?
@Akhilmathew33 Entry and exit to Uranus

We all have black holes in our butt hole. Maybe black holes are the universe' butt holes

A 15 minute timeout as a kid feels like an eternity. A 15 minute break at work feels like nothing. amirite?

You guys are getting 15 minute breaks?