The last human born on earth will probably only live to be several seconds old when they die, as some mass extinction event occurs. amirite?

Probably the human race would go sterile first so they could live to the ripe old age of 15

Most people think Cruella de Vil is evil for wanting to kill dogs for their fur, but do the exact same thing whenever they buy leather, amirite?
It'd be dope if nipples clicked in and out like pens. amirite?

Your's don't?

people who give money to Twitch and SnapChat girls and pay for porn; can feel a lot better about themselves if they donate that money to charity and give it to poor people. amirite?
People spend thousands of dollars to conceive a baby "naturally" because their bodies reproductive systems fail them, but they could simply let go of the nonexistent significance of sharing DNA and adopt a child to truly help someone in need of love and family. amirite?

People want the experience of having their child grow within them, to bond, to nurse them at their own breast.

Get your 17 year old self outta here.

If you count the numbers between 0 and 1, you will never reach 1, amirite?

*whole numbers

Mosquitoes are probably the only animal that most people agree its OK to kill in any way necessary, amirite?
Nursing homes are where we place inconvenient people. amirite?

You've never had to be a caretaker for someone with all-consuming needs. It is profoundly difficult. Sometimes, assisted living or nursing homes are the best of all the bad options you have.

For the average person becoming Batman is more attainable than becoming Bruce Wayne. amirite?

Isn't that idea behind Batman itself?

Being poor is expensive. amirite?

Some people, they like to go out dancing. Other people, they have to work.

You can only kiss yourself in the mirror on the lips, amirite?

It same like screwing with condoms

A male's testicles, arguably one of the most important thing to continue our species, are not inside our body protected, but dangle outside vulnerable to environment. amirite?
90% of lies told are out of kindness or convenience, and not particularly immoral, amirite?
@PizzaQueef Lying is always immoral.

Not if you don't hold yourself to religious standards of morality

Having a paper map went from being one of the biggest flexes of power and wealth in ancient civilization for thousands of years. To being something nerdy and irrelevant in the past 20ish years, amirite?


‘Omg guys get this revelation!
Technology... has advanced!!!
I know I know. I'm a visionary.. ‘

When someone talks about making or spending '30k,' they're talking about '30 kilodollars', amirite?