In our lifetime, we go from being amazed to see ambulance coming to you as a child to being terrified to see ambulance coming to you when you are old. amirite?

Why would I be terrified to see an ambulance coming to me?

Most people wanting stricter gun laws, don't even know most of the gun laws, even in their own city/state. amirite?

Yep or what goes into actually legally purchasing one in a greater detail

Humans are more concerned with the immediately inconvenient rather than the potentially catastrophic. amirite?

This is called cunningness, worry is normally a waste of imagination, that could be used to solve today's problems, rather than tomorrow's collapse.

You can be a liar and not break any of the seven deadly sins, amirite?
We're pieces of meat walking around on a floating rock pretending to have a purpose, amirite?
Anything can work like a knife if you just swing it hard enough. amirite?

I have a 1.2 inch blade then

Barn Owls were probably thrilled when we finally invented barns. amirite?
Our technological and medical progression could have been wayyyy advance if people from the past wasn't killed being accused of performing black magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc. while in reality performing scientific researches. amirite?
If mobile phone companies hadn't conspired to get rid of pay phones they might have evolved into pay internet hubs. amirite?

They already have in Australia.

Unavoidable and inevitable are the same word born from different languages, amirite?

unavoidable means impossible to avoid or prevent, whereas (certain to happen) means impossible to avoid.

Bran flakes exist to normalize eating a bowl of raisins and milk, amirite?

God damnit, I ate Raisin Bran for breakfast today. You're hurting my brain

The Beatles never had the Beatles as an influence to their music, amirite?

...and they sucked.

You don't become a less picky eater growing up, as an adult you could simply choose not to buy it and only eat food that you like. amirite?

Yeah, I hated Brussel Sprouts as a kid. Nasty little cabbages.

Then as an adult I learned not to boil them and instead roast them with garlic and parmesan. Much better.

The same food is worth more calories hot than cold, amirite?

wouldn't be the pretty much the same? suggesting that you heat it and it streams which is only water molecules.

The sound when you snap your fingers comes from the finger hitting the palm rather than the snap itself, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut I'm in my mid twenties and still can't snap. I guess I'm missing the sassy gene

My wife can't snap her fingers either. Neither my mom, or my kids. I can knock your ear off with a snap.

If you can't do it with the middle finger or index, try using pinky and and ring together. I once had a classmate that did it that way. She couldn't do it the normal way. It looked weird, but it worked.

Then she died an a terrible car crash. Just wanted to sour the mood a bit. I liked her. She was nice. The driver got 3 years.