It's almost peculiar that there hasn't been an actual costumed vigilantly yet, amirite?

Many... too many. That's why vigilantism is illegal.

Cursive is a secret code for parents, amirite?

So doctors are really like super sayans? (Spelling- W/E)

Every room is a multipurpose room, amirite?

So it's okay to die in the living room?

If a man does balls transplant, and then he has a child, it won't be his child. amirite?
Men and Women are the same essences on different physical-chemical octaves, amirite?
Most people wanting stricter gun laws, don't even know most of the gun laws, even in their own city/state. amirite?

Yep or what goes into actually legally purchasing one in a greater detail

Greenhouse Gases? A real greenhouse emits oxygen, consumes CO2. amirite?
The feeling you get when you accidentally delete an entire four paragraph text message comes awfully close to the feeling you get when you stub your toe. amirite?
If mobile phone companies hadn't conspired to get rid of pay phones they might have evolved into pay internet hubs. amirite?

They already have in Australia.

If we evolved to have any other number of fingers, the Base-10 system probably wouldn't be nearly as popular. amirite?
@Milkzey I have a hard time imagining how it would look like. Would base 12 have 12 distinct numbers like 0123456789¥£ and...


I'm not sure how base twelve enthusiasts do it, but you could keep the names ten and eleven and then use "dozen" or "twelve" for 10 (this is not a base ten ten, it's a base twelve dozen.)

"one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven dozen dozen-one dozen-two dozen-three" etc.

I think some people have come up with symbols that they like to use for ten and eleven.

True strength is the recognizing of your weaknesses, amirite?
Humans invented a device, with which you can point at another person, press a button and then the person dies. Wtf is wrong with us! amirite?

I'm okay with banning guns as it'll bring back the important things, like how to have proper sword duels and how to kill a man with one punch.

Memories are usually either "it seems just like yesterday" or " it seems like 100 years ago", amirite?
Cheese is the opposite of a dick because it gets softer when you suck it, amirite?

Who sucks cheese?

You could hear 1,000 jokes and not remember any of them when you wanted to retell one but remember every single one when you heard them told again. amirite?

Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Africa.