About me.

Hello I'm the long lost twin sister of Harry Potter. My name is Hallie Lillian Potter, and I'm dreadfully in love with Draco Malfoy♥! But don't tell Harry or he'd kill him! On the night of our parent's death a muggle found me and took me to an orphanage. When he went back for Harry, Hagrid had already taken him! I was adopted by a family called the Thompson's where they moved to America. I went Salem's school for young witches and graduated top of my class, and head girl. Then I became a healer. I went to work at St. Mungo's where I finally found my beloved brother after he beat Lord Moldyshorts, and met the love of my life Draco♥!!!!

Hmmmm one more thing! If your username has nothing to do with Harry Potter and there's no mention of Harry Potter in your bio and you just happen to grace my friends list then you should feel very privileged. If your username does have a reference to Harry Potter then you're almost garaunteed a spot!

.....hope that didn't sound really snobbish :/

New Update!!!!! I'm officially a Hufflepuff! Go Badgers!
Guess whose 14 now? Woot Woot!