About me.

Since it's impossible to read, I will tell you what my picture is. It is a list I found on stumbleupon of ways to be cool. Follow these and by golly you will be. (all errors are as written and only add to the magic)
1. motorcycles
2. wear cologne
3. move to Williamsburg
4. learn to speak European
5. grow facial hair
6. helmets
7. mowhawks
8. designer shades
9. subscribe to Vice
10. psychrock...?
11. leather jackets
12. ambercrombie & flitch
13. learn to play guitar
14. irony
15. become a band photographer
16. wear all black
17. "Hollywood"
18. online friendships
19. 360's
20. make your own movie
21. EXXXTREME (everything)
22. eat more meat
23. hang out w/ Steve

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