Teenagers: Prove society wrong, you've never had alcohol or sex, amirite?

Dude chill. Did he really offend you that much?

If your age is on the clock, you're too young for cock. amirite?

hmmm, so 14 year old girls are allowed to suck cock now?

Osama is dead; Obama wins the re-election, amirite?
So perhaps African American women are aggressive by nature. Women of other cultures would be too if their ancestors were raped, used, and abused on a daily basis.. amirite?

Onepenguin is true. Just because their ancestors were raped, used and abused doesn't mean the woman nowadays need to be aggressive, especially since we all feel so bad about slavery that we dedicated a month to their history, and highly esteem them. In fact, most are mild mannered - so your post is extremely racist.

Osama is dead; Obama wins the re-election, amirite?
I hate those stupid bithes who fucing cuss after every fucing word. Why the fuk do they fucing do that fucing sh*t. i mean amirite?
@omgchips So many posts like these

I KNOW! it is sort of annoying, the ones that 'contradict' themselves are so stupid.

Dear skinny jeans:
Love: Your genitals, amirite?

Also take this post to dearblankpleaseblank.com if it is not going to be structured like a refular amirite post.

Osama is dead; Obama wins the re-election, amirite?
Whenever you're eating chips, and you can hear yourself and it's really loud, and you're with friends, you wonder if they can hear you, too, and if you're being loud, so you just start to chew really slow and carefully, amirite?

Sooo true!

Don't look towards the past because you'll turn your back on the future, amirite?

Unless you have a mirror. Or you just turn your head.

When you ask people if they've seen the Harry Potter movies, they say "Of course, I've seen all of them!" When you ask people if they're read the books, they say "Nah, they're too long and boring." LAMEST EXCUSE EVER, amirite?

Are you kidding me? Boring! None of them are boring!

Dear teenage girls, if your coffee has 10 tbsp. of sugar, a shit ton of cream, flavoring, chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and sprinkles. You don't like coffee. You like everything possible that can mask the taste of the coffee, and you do it to look older/cool/sophisticated. amirite?

This is so stupid. If someone likes cofee - with a little extra, it doesn't really matter. No one cares, and you're extremely judge mental.

People should not be able to get their "liscence" until they know how to spell license, amirite?

Not agreed, I could spell license at age 10... Sooo

Snuggies prove how lazy Americans are, amirite?
"Your mom!", "My mom is dead...", "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!", "Just kidding! But your face was priceless!", amirite?

My mom just died two weeks ago. This isn't funny.