Its irratating when you get a bug bite on your foot yet you had socks and shoes on the whole day, amirite?
Childhood obesity up, pedophilia down, amirite?

Except pedophiles with chub fetishes.

Dear laundry detergent company, make your product smell like new clothes. amirite?

Take your format to,

Why do they advertise televisions on TV? You won't be able to see the high definition if it's on your crappy set, amirite?

They always advertise TVs.what are you talkin about.

Dear annoying people spamming my news feed: please shut the fuck up and if you must talk to each other comment under one wall post , amirite?

Take your format to,

Osama is dead; Obama wins the re-election, amirite?
@AppAwesome Why not?

Get a job, then you might feel different.

Music is really good, but not good enough to be 'my life', amirite?
@Rebel I respectfully disagree. You could say the same thing about anything but really it just comes down to the fact that...

I'm sorry, but people who say 'music is my life!' are ignorant. They need to take the earplugs out and enjoy other art.

You feel special when one of your favorite songs is only 69 cents on in you are one of the few number of people who like it. amirite?
@jaybrene hipster?

Exactly what I was thinking... Hipster Alert!!

You can compare any two things no matter what they are, if you try really hard. Amirite?
@Like Obama and Calamari?

They both have one M in them.

"it's so cold here! It's 50 degrees Fahrenheit" ".......sorry I had to convert that to a measurement that the rest of the world uses", amirite?
@Inamorata To me, It makes more sense because freezing is zero.

32 degrees is freezing in fahrenheit because ... ... Yeah Celsius is better.

As soon as you notice the arrow in FedEx, it's all you can focus on everytime you see a FedEx truck, amirite?
People are always saying that if they die, they want their best friend or sibling to continue updating their facebook. If I die, the only thing I want my best friend or sibling to do is erase my browser history before my parents get a chance to see it, amirite?

This is just a repost...

I'm not the only one who thought the saying "prima donna" was "pre-madonna" as a kid, amirite?
In any right angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other 2 sides, amirite?
@Edward_FINNA Pythagorean theorem, amirite?

I was just about to say that and I was scrolling down the comments, hoping no one would say it... Then you came along. A squared + b squared = c squared.