Because the Dark Mark was above Thd house, and the secret keeper was Voldemort's servant. Also, Voldemort was there for a reason: because of the prophecy, so how could it be someone else.

What about the mm whatya say song? That was amazing and then that stupid took it as part of his chorus.

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I couldnt put every country!! I tried!

It is a mythical creature that can be made out of anything. Alot is also a better swimmer than Michael Phelps.

@albinostickman who put the dark mark up. Voldemort was alone

The Dark Mark is the sign of Voldemort, and says the he had been there. Also: refer to my other evidence.

@albinostickman no some has to cast the dark mark after someones been killed. in the flashback in Dh, Voldemort never did that

Okay, well still: the secret keeper was voldemorts servant and motive - he was there because of the prophecy, no one else knew about that except for Dumbledore and Trelawney - who didn't even remember!

And outsides may I add...

Umm... I'm sorry, but she wasn't that good of an actor and she probably will never get another role. I'm not saying this because of her size, but her talent. Or lack their of.

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