No one would want Bam Margera as their son/nephew. amirite?

I always feel so bad for his parents

There's at least one girl you know who thinks that every guy who just talks to her has to have a crush on her, amirite?

And they always will be like omg he keeps on looking at me!
No, just no.

In elementary school, all the guys had the pants that unzipped into shorts, amirite?
Bruno Mars is your favorite singer! He writes the best songs like grenade, just the way you are, and nothing on you! Amirite?

He's so irritating. He just knows girls are gonna go crazy over songs like that.

Your mom still tries to sneakily grab your hand while crossing a street together, amirite?
Why is everyone on Family Guy so mean to Meg? She didn't even do anything wrong. amirite?
It's awkward when you're partners with a SUPER SMART person, and you don't know what to do so you keep making jokes and they don't laugh, amirite?

Haha story of my life

It's annoying how the three Kardashian sisters are only famous for being rich and beautiful, amirite?

And a sex tape :)

Sixteen is too young to get a tattoo, amirite?

I think it's fine if they get one, but most I see at that age are ugly, tacky and amateur.

Guys: No matter what type of girl you like, if you see a girl that either has hair with outrageous colors or hair that makes her stand out, you become attracted to her. Amirite?

At my school at least, the ugly people have outrageous hair colors.

Girls: You're pretty sure if you were a guy, you'd get all the girls. amirite?

I have a theory that I would be a huge manwhore

The main characters on kid's tv shows are usually girls with a friend who's a guy and a friend who's a girl, amirite?
Gilderoy Lockhart is a lot like Justin Bieber. Stuck up, blonde, no real talent, disliked by most guys, loved by girls, and either loved or tolerated by adults, and both are really only famous because of other people, amirite?

Totally watching Chamber of Secrets on disney channel right now.

When guys push up their sleeves to their elbows, it's one of the hottest things they can possibly do, but when a girl does it, it just makes her look like an idiot, amirite?

I wasn't aware that I look like an idiot.