a three-eyed monkey proclaiming "Hi, I'm Paul" really brings back memories of when you enjoyed waking up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons, amirite?

I feel like this post would baffle future generations.

Anything can be a swear word. Chair you, you pantsing Thursday, amirite?

Yeah, well moose you, you clocking bear toe.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but what does a banana do? amirite?
if you are making out with a boy then he wants you to touch his Penis. amirite?

I feel like this was posted by some 11 year old.

Why isn't it 'African-Canadian' too, amirite?

Because it's North America.

'Lesbians- so who makes the sandwiches in this relationship?' - erm nobody, they both eat out. amirite?

Ahhh. What a great post. :)

I wonder how Stacey's dad feels about all of this... amirite?
Jersey Shore: An ignorant show starring a bunch of Guido orange whores and tool bags who are nobodies pretending to be celebrities. amirite?
@iWeasley In my opinion, anything on MTV or E! is crap. So is most reality TV shows.

I agree. I don't even know what people are talking about when they make a reference to Jersey Shore or any other reality show, cause I don't even waste my time with them. Like, your life is that boring that just you sit there watching other peoples' lives that aren't even REAL? People need to do something with their lives instead of watching other pathetic attempts at a life x]

Only in America can you be born a poor black boy and die a rich white woman, amirite?

Saying rich white woman over and over isn't so easy.

It seems like the less meaningful the lyrics are in a song, the more it gets played on the radio, amirite?

I love this post. Love it to pieces.

You aren't fully clothed right now. amirite?

Pants are for squares.

It is entirely possible to have an awkward silence over text, amirite?
When we sing a song in our heads, our voices sound freakishly like the singer himself/herself, amirite?
Go mainstream and give them what they want, or go underground and give them what they need, amirite?

This might be my favorite post in all the land of amirite.

within those few milliseconds of eye contact with a stranger, two seemingly separate lives intersect. what if they have exactly the same taste in movies? what if they were friends in some past life? what if one had once voted in favor of an amirite post made by the other? what if we actually connected with all of the people we brush by with little more than a glance? what if nothing is random? ... amirite?

I love this post :)