When an adult film start gets undressed, they are Technicaly getting dressed for work. amirite?
You're currently most likely procrastinating. amirite?

This is like going to the movies and then a disclaimer appears saying "you're currently most likely about to watch a movie."

when someone tell you to watch jojo you usually refuse until you don't have anithing to do and then watch it, but when ypu watch it you turn into the person who tell other to watch jojos, amirite?
The reason why there are no pay phones any longer is so they can track and spy and identify you all by the spying device in your pocket. amirite?
@Have you been to a gas station lately? They're outside, usually on the side wall

And even if they aren't it isn't so that they can spy on you, it's because it's more convenient to call from a cell phone and people use payphones less often.

Dogs only know to look at our faces because sound comes from there, amirite?

Well, they also see eyes

We all technically have a drinking problem just for most of us its water, amirite?

The real problem is if you don't have a drinking problem with water.

If we had an undeniable proof that life has no meaning people wouldn't probably change anything in their life. amirite?

Even if you believe that that life was formed by random we're at least increasing entropy and slightly speeding up the heat death of the universe!

If you took over 20 moves to scramble a 3x3 Rubik's cube, there is a faster way to create the exact same scramble, amirite?
F word in reality is more acceptable than M word on Omegle. amirite?

Oh god I have to know what this word is now. Is it mucus?

High school teaches you how to fit in with society, amirite?

Properly done school teaches you where your interests lie.

In a way, Ubers are fake taxis. amirite?

They're the fake that's better than the original