If we introduced sharks to kids the way we do dinosaurs, maybe sharks wouldn't be demonized as much. amirite?

What about:" Baby shark doo doo doo doo"...

Everyone alive today will experience dying along with the infinite other dead beings that have walked/swam/flew the planet, amirite?
@Respectmyauthoriteh relevant username

Bingo bongo it's not too crazy to believe if your anywhere under 50 with advancing gene splicing and animals like the immortal jellyfish or the axolotl salamander we may very well have infinite time and great limb regeneration, humanity might seem stupid sometimes but imagine an individual human 1000 years old with a body like a 20 year old how smart they'd be by than after a few 100 years I couldn't imagine we'd still be so obsessed with the things we are now we'd probably look for purpose.

A Roman wouldn't understand why XL is a bigger size than L in clothing. amirite?

We need more ST like these. This is awesome and clever.

Buying another lottery ticket doesn't double your chances, amirite?

For that you need to buy the same ticket twice.

The voice in our head is always at the same volume, it's impossible to scream in our head. amirite?

Explains why I never hear a word that asshole says

Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?
@Legomanfr So don't walk around spitting everywhere? Lol

That's a pretty pathetic strawman argument.

As long as you're breathing, you're releasing micro droplets every second of every day.

Considering how slow and gradual the evolutionary process is, it can be asserted that there must've been a time in human history when only a fraction of our predecessors would've gained consciousness. And who knows, this, right here, could be that time. amirite?

That's not how evolution works. Did you think that the proto-chicken had arms and suddenly some of its babies were born with wings?

The rowing machine industry probably owes Frank Underwood a commission. amirite?

And they probably want to put a hit out on Kevin Spacey.

Someone in history had the biggest dick of human existence, but didn't know it. amirite?

The worlds largest penis is only 2 inches… from the ground.

Your butt can expel all of the three states of matter, amirite?

Mouth too...

If we all evolved from a single bacteria we are technically mutants. amirite?

That's kinda the point.

Water is the default taste, amirite?
@Arctopus different minerals in it tastes different Everything tastes different if you add things to it? We're not talking...

Water only has a taste because of the minerals in it and all water (that you can drink) has different minerals in it depending on it's source and treatments done to it.

Don't joke about people being in the CIA. You might accidentally out them, and get them killed, amirite?

If I can out them, someone else has already figured it out.

Switch the P and C in Popcorn then you get cop porn, amirite?

Actually you get Cocporn...

All the male Titans in Attack on Titan are gay because they eat penises on a regular basis. amirite?

...bisexual, actually. They eat just as much pussy.