About me.


I'm honestly surprised anyone is taking the time to read my bio, to by honest i'm not very interesting, but i hope you enjoy your findings nevertheless

I've become 18 as of september 7th and am currently in university

I'm a gamer and willing to talk to anyone about such, but i won't start any flame wars cause it's honestly not something worth arguing

Although i was born in Pakistan, i have spent my entire life in Canada save for some vacations

I won't really get political on you because i honestly don't know enough about to have a smart conversations, although i will argue some points depending on how much prior knowledge i have on them and how opioninated i am on them

Half the time i think of the most useless crap so excuse some of my posts. And on that note, i try to keep my posts to minimum, because think of anything worth sharing

My favourite movie is The Matrix
My Favourite band's are AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, KISS, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and too much other classic rock to list
My favourite youtubers are Jabo0odyDubs, penguinz0 and roosterteeth
My favourite games are Gears of War, Starcraft, and Mortal Kombat
My Favourite tv show is Game of Thrones
My Favourite card game is Hearts
My Favourite things to have on me are my watch, ring, livestrong, and New Era fitted cap

Start a convo with me if you'd like, i promise to be friendly!!

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