About me.

I am 17 and a proud Filipino! And yes, that means I am Asian.
I am trilingual! (If that is even a word...maybe "polylingual"?--I can speak three languages fluently.)
I love to draw and am quite good at it...umm, I wish I could sing--too bad I can't :(
I am never serious and always just messing around.
I am bi. If that offends or disgusts you, then I am sorry, but I was born that way.
My humor can be a bit sarcastic and biting.
I am a quiet person...unless, of course, I know you--then I am not.
Actually I'm a loud person...very talkative....
I just generally like music. I love Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.
I sometimes think I may be partially insane...just a bit.