In some alternative universe, there are anthropomorphic animals that wear human-skin suits to simulate being one. amirite?

Like Mark Zuckerberg, Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, the Popes, Hillary Clinton, and etc...

If you tell a girl she's prettier without makeup , that's a compliment, however if you tell her she's prettier with makeup on, that's an insult. amirite?
In your 20s you're worried about what everyone thinks of you. In your 30s you make it a point to not care what anyone thinks of you. In your 40s you realize that no one was thinking about you anyway. amirite?

Now you just sit alone in your apartment because of the pandemic, and there's no one to have an opinion at all!

Egg salad is literally just eggs seasoned with more eggs, amirite?
History is written by the vicar. amirite?

Why would a vicar be writing history?

Gender neutral beards

Have you ever watched someone do something different than the way you would've done something and get the same or better results but think "they did it all wrong!", amirite?

That's math in school wether you get the answer right or not it's about the "process"

The problem with stupid people is that they are confident, not that they are stupid. amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound No, the people who enable them. So much worse.

This is true..that's just something my dad wold say when he would see stupid happening.

January 1st is the day the most 'Before' weight loss selfies are taken. amirite?
@ChootEmChootEm I'm about to take one.

I wish you success in your weight loss journey!

If humans have an end date than we probably have a "Best If Used By" date too, amirite?

I think my sell by date has long passed

Mispelled is english's greatest irony. amirite?
People that don't sympathize with victims of sexual assault deserve to be sexually assaulted, amirite?

Much as I think those people are assholes doesn't mean they should get sexually assaulted...Maybe normal assault though

There has to be hundreds of, if not thousands, of birds that have been struck by golf balls. amirite?
The guy who writes dialogue for pornographuc films must be really good at dirty talk, amirite?
@CriticallyDangered what are you doing step brother?

This made me bust out laughing. Short and unexpected

Since water never naturally leave the Earth and just cycles, rain is actually purified and diluted dinosaur pee. amirite?

Thanks, I hate it.