If dogs had lifespans closer to those of a human (60+ years), then chances are, not many people would keep them as pets. amirite?

I actually think the amount of abandoned dogs would go down we wouldn't be breeding them like crazy if they lived that long, I would love it if my fur family lived longer

Love green. Fear red. But nobody respects yellow at all. amirite?
Florida is probably so insane because its initials, FL, are a combination of F in the chat and taking an L, amirite?

Florida is America's big droopy dick.

The point of bowling is to make less bowling, amirite?

Ten frames, 12 throws. I'm Done!

There is technically a point where a pepper can get so hot, that it can be considered a bioweapon. amirite?

Capsaicin was literally evolved to be a chemical weapon. It's purpose is to deter mammals from eating them, but not birds.

Also, all fruit has evolved to be eaten. We didn't evolve to eat them.

Barbers are the only people that can grab you by the ear in a non-violent manner, amirite?

Or the Kai of Bajor

When you donate just the right amount of blood, an erection could kill you, amirite?

What a way to go

All genetically inherited abnormalities are STDs, amirite?

Using that logic, babies themselves are STDs. Which, I mean, a lot of people might even agree with.

If the Harry Potter world was real then wizarding porn stars could sell their own Polyjuice Potion to fans so they could spice up things in the bedroom. amirite?
As a toy for kids, Lego is surprisingly painful. amirite?
Vegans can't listen to Meatloaf, amirite?
If your relationship with a musician ends... you're probably going to be in the next song. And if your relationship with an author ends... you might find yourself killed off in the first chapter. amirite?

That's pretty good.

It is so amazing that Michael Jackson was famous even in a very small village of a third world country where electricity was a privilege, amirite?
Pregnant women technically have eight limbs, thus making them arachnids, amirite?
@88080808088 I'm afraid of spiders, can that be grounds for divorce?

Definitely history's most common grounds for abandonment.

We entertain cats with laser pointers for our own entertainment, amirite?

We entertain torment cats with laser pointers for our own entertainment