It's weird how october isn't the 8th month, amirite?

It used to be. About forever ago, people saw March 25th or something like that as New Year's Day, so March was technically the first month, making SEPTember the 7th, OCTOber the 8th, NOVember the 9th, and DECember the 10th.
(Sept = 7, Octo = 8, Nov = 9, Deca = 10)

I can't believe we lost Neil Armstrong in the same week that he was stripped of all of his awards. Despite this controversy, he will forever be remembered for his coarse voice and his skill on the trumpet, amirite?

It's kinda funny when people mix these up accidentally (I know this was a joke). But I've seen people say "Neil Armstrong died, RIP! I loved How I Met Your Mother so much!" and I know people need to pay more attention in school.

You really hate that the 'cool' thing to do nowadays is to trash modern singers. Maybe they aren't the same as old singers, but let your fucking nostalgia go. Justin Bieber/One Direction AREN'T that bad, amirite?

Pink Floyd is my favorite band, and I think their music is absolutely amazing. (although Tool is a close second)
If One Direction is your favorite band, and you think their music is amazing, feel free to listen to them. Just because I say they're bad doesn't mean they really are bad, I just think they are because I don't like their music.

Honors and AP classes in high school really aren't as difficult as everyone makes them out to be, amirite?

I'm taking all Gifted and two APs this year.
Next year make that one Gifted and five APs.
If this is suicide, I'm prepared for it.

Which fictional universe with superpowers or magic would you prefer to live in the most?

Where the hell is Pokemon? Or does that not count as any of the categories?

It's awkward when you're at a restaurant and your waiter/waitress is somebody you know, amirite?

The Big Bang Theory readily came to mind.

If you masturbate at school, when you get back into the room you feel like everyone knows, amirite?

Wow, you really feel the need to wank at school? Can't hold off a few hours until you get home? I don't even use the bathrooms at school unless it's an absolute emergency.

One of the most awkward Pokemon moments: Catching a female Geodude, amirite?

What about catching a female Mr. Mime?

People who aren't musicians almost never appreciate classical music. amirite?

I'm a musician, and I both like and appreciate classical music. I understand that some people may not like classical music, but I definitely think they should appreciate it.
It takes more talent to write than the rap they listen to.... (not implying rap takes no talent to write, I'm just saying it honestly takes more to write classical)

It's awkward when you're at a restaurant and your waiter/waitress is somebody you know, amirite?
@MusicianOfExtremes The Big Bang Theory readily came to mind.

The laugh track gets sort of annoying, I admit, but I love the show. I think the jokes are funny, and personally I love the stereotypes, especially the Indian stereotypes portrayed by Raj, because I love to laugh at myself and I'm Indian.

Accept the culture you immigrated into, or get the fuck out amirite?

Although the filmmakers had every right to make the film, the people offended by it have every right to protest against it. That's how I see it. Here in the States, Arabs/Muslims/brown people in general will almost always be looked at funny due to the popular misconception that all brown people are terrorists. (I'm a Hindu Indian too, I'm not Arab OR Muslim.)

Gay people never become famous unless it's for being flamboyantly gay. The only real influential gay person was Tchaikovsky, and it's no surprise that he became famous for writing ballets, amirite?

Listen to some of Tchaikovsky's Symphonies, especially his 2nd. Better than any ballet of his.

Admit it, you wish they'd come out with new games for gameboy colors and the advances, amirite?

I wish I could still buy a brand-new Color from Nintendo. I still have my old Advance though (and play it often, probably just as much as I do my DS)

If a worldwide pandemic began, the only survivors (and therefore the ones with the task of repopulating the earth) would be on Madagascar, amirite?
It's weird how october isn't the 8th month, amirite?
@iceeselenawiz For my religion, March 21st (the first day of Spring) is our new years. It was just a few days ago, actually. It's...

That's pretty cool actually. If you don't mind sharing, what's your religion? I'm a Hindu, and we have a holiday called Holi which is supposed to be the first day of Spring, so if you're Hindu and you're referring to Holi, that's something I'll have learned today ^.^