Adele is one of the most overrated, annoying singers out there, amirite?

She may be overplayed, maybe even overrated, but she is actually pretty good and it is sometimes refreshing to hear Adele as opposed to other popular artists.

The difference between America and a block of cheese is that the cheese would grow a culture after a couple of centuries, amirite?

What do the United States and Ancient Rome have in common...they stole their fucking culture from everyone else!

Marxism: Good in theory, terrible in practice.

Capitalism: Terrible in theory, terrible in practice. And variations of Marxism (democratic socialism) can sometimes work in practice.

Thanks to capitalism, all of these things now fit in your pocket, amirite?

Thanks to capitalism, a person can get sent to a corporate-owned prison for possessing or selling a joint while the CIA has been found on many occasions to be playing a role in international drug trafficking. Thanks to capitalism, there are 5 times as many empty houses in the US as there are homeless people. And thanks to capitalism, food speculation is one of the leading causes of famine.

I don't think k-12th grade students should have to wear uniforms to school. Clothes aren't a distraction from school work, as some uniform proponents claim, and even if they were, forcing everyone to dress the same isn't going to solve that problem. It's just going to highlight who looks the best in those clothes.
@independentRay There are many cases of crime against students wearing expensive shoes or jackets especially in poorer...

No, wearing uniforms does NOT eliminate the class differences of the students. Eliminating the class differences eliminates the class differences of the students.

Marxism: Good in theory, terrible in practice.
@pantherfanatic Capitalism isn't terrible in theory, nor practice. It's the best economic system known to man. America didn't...

America became the richest country in the world by exploiting workers and resources all over the world. Also, it must be remembered that in the very capital of the "richest country on Earth" are some of the poorest people on Earth.

You know "Star Wars" is science fiction because not once, in six films, was a lightsaber used to cut food, and that's just unbelievable.

No, I know that Star Wars is science fiction because lightsabers do not exist yet.

Thanks to capitalism, all of these things now fit in your pocket, amirite?
Keep scrolling, I got nothin.
Everyone should pay 50%-75% of their income toward federal taxes, amirite?

The percentage should depend on income. It should not be a fixed percentage.

Hipsters need to adopt the Hitler mustache, "Ironically", simply because there isn't another facial hair pattern that is more synonymous with the hipster ideal, which is, of course, excluding others and ruining shit for everybody else in the world, amirite?

I never realized that killing 11,000,000 people was part of the hipster ideal.

Marxism: Good in theory, terrible in practice.
@spareseconds Just because something meets my needs doesn't make it fair. I could go around not working a day in my life but I...

Men do not shrink from work, but from slavery. The man who works primarily for another does so only under compulsion, and work so done is the very essence of slavery. - Eugene Debs.

A majority of people will be motivated to work. If a problem exists as you suggested, it would probably exist minimally. The key is to increase the standard of living and benefits for the working class. No one will be fully motivated to work 40 hours a week at a job that barely, if at all, covers the cost of living, as in a capitalist society.

We should shoot water at the sun to stop global warming, amirite?

We don't have an infinite water supply, sorry to ruin the fun

Americans: you believe this video is truthful, and that we should be demanding more from the top 1%, amirite?

The only problem I have with this video is that the narrator is not fair to socialism at all. He doesn't even consider the possibility that socialism would work, just dismisses it in 1 or 2 sentences. Apparently people won't be motivated to work to benefit their community if the quality and quantity of resources in the community was a limiting factor proportional to the quality of their own lives. In addition, such severe inequality as is discussed in the video is the inevitable result of capitalism. The rich will only continue to get richer while the middle class disappears and the poor sinks deeper and deeper into poverty, because capitalism is based on continuously increasing profit, which dooms it to failure. The only reason it's still around is the state protects it with entitlements given to major corporations.

Also, small detail, but the narrator confuses socialism with communism. Equal distribution of the wealth is communism, and the means to achieve pure communism is known as socialism (which involves a proletarian state controlling the means of production.) When all remnants of class structure have disappeared, it becomes communism. The two terms are not interchangeable.

If we are paying tax dollars for public schools and we are providing or paying for school lunches why are parents also forced to pay for an entire classroom of snacks each month? I should not have to pay for other children to have a snack at school, they are not my kids.

Depends: are the snacks nutritional (or do they at least include nutritional snacks?)