I think that a 19 year old guy, a first year college student, who is caught jerking off in his room by his mom, deserves to be soundly spanked.
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That statement is proved false by the transitive property of inequalities.

It would be cool if you could comment anonymously on Facebook like you can on here, amirite?

Amirite is for thoughts whereas facebook is for friends, people would misuse it by saying wrong things.

It would be cool if you could comment anonymously on Facebook like you can on here, amirite?

It'd be kinda cool, but people would abuse it and bullying would get a lot easier.

Sometimes you just feel like somethings....missing. amirite?

Yes. An apostrophe.

In most areas, women aren't allowed to be topless in public, but this is //not// a gender equality issue. Amirite?

Ears are sexy that's why so many girls cover them. Ankles are also sexy, that is why people wear socks. Those little booty-like socks are bikinis for the feet. and elbows - on my, don't get me started on elbows.

If an unwanted (or forced) abortion is murder, then so is a wanted (or unforced) one. Amirite?

What I don't get is a newly created human is the product of two people. If the pregnancy was unplanned or unwanted by one of the parents, why should the other be forced to financially support the child.

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Are you optimistic or pessimistic, and why?
@BlindMist I'm a realist. Some people say it's another version of pessimism, but I don't think so. When I look on the bright...

I hate realism, it reminds me of what my dad would say. My dad used to say, "no one will ever want you to work for them because of your mental illness (seizures). I'm only being realistic". It's not being realistic, it's more like being an asshole.

Even if you're the one messing up, if it's funny, failure is something you love to see, amirite?

NW both posts. Keep up the fail!

It sucks that my parents just told me that they can't afford to send me to my dream college. They said I'll have to go to the state university with the half of my high school that couldn't make more than a 21 on the ACT. I have a right to want more for myself, amirite?

Yes. It sucks. Yes. You should go for your dream. But... a lot of people go to state with higher scores than you indicate and a lot of your high school won't even be able to afford community that only state.

You're not a belieber
@L_Stylz You'd think that with all the shit people give others on the internet for using the wrong form of "your", still...

You'd think that with how clear the reply button is people would have learned to use it by now. Guess not.

Darwin may fail temporarily in civilization. Natures desire to eliminate those unwilling to provide for themselves may be denied for a while but, nature always gets her due. She will not tolerate the dumb forever. The stupid and lazy vote. The ambitious and immoral are elected. Civilization crumbles under the weight of corruption.

There is too much here for me to give a blanket agree or disagree, so I'll itemize:
Agree. Unsure. Agree. Disagree. Agree. Agree.