About me.

DISCLAIMER: If there is any site like "mylifeisfly.com" I'm NOT associated with them. My screen name is supposed to be a parody of "MLIA" or any other "my-life-is"websites

Hi :]
~ I am completely aware that my eyes are closed in my default pic :P
~ I am pretty much obsessed with dinosaurs, earthquakes (non-destructive seismic activity) , and aliens (only the nice ones)
~ I'm vegetarian but i don't eat "salads" all day, i LOVE food and eat like a pig (especially pizza)
~ I'm have traveled the world, and studied many different cultures so im not a "dumb and ignorant American"
~ I appreciate old fashioned things as well as new/modern things.
~ I was born in India and I am Indian by ethnicity as well
~ I love clothes and fashion but most of the time i keep it simple and comfortable
~ In my opinion Kobe Bryant is nowhere near anything Michael Jordan was.
~ I generally don't succumb to buying things for being "brand name" unless the product truely serves my purpose
~ I am majoring in Biotechnology but i do love taking Social Science courses whenever i can
~I will defend my religion on this site and i'll probably defend YOUR religion too (especially if you're being a "dumb ignorant fuck" because then you are really giving it a bad name that it doesn't deserve)
~ I will not say it to your face if you're being a "dumb ignorant fuck", that's not called being straight forward thats called being rude, espcially on a site where we don't truely know each other or each others life experiences.
~ I know practically nothing about video games except for old computer games like Pacman and Tetris or a couple of iPhone games.
~ I love dance and music and i will listen to any genre of music as long as i like the song.
~ I will defend Justin Bieber, i don't care if his music makes my EARS BLEED, it should be illegal to say such mean things to a CHILD. **
~ I will respect you more based on how open-minded you are, rather than our agreement of tastes/opinions.

Feel free to talk to me about anything!! (Especially Harry Potter :] )