This sounds familiar: Parents: "Can we use your computer for a minute?" Me: (Wipes internet history, deletes bookmarks, changes passwords, changes desktop wallpaper, encrypts all folders, installs internet explorer, opens it up at Google) Me: "Yeah, sure, here you go.", amirite?

haha yea my parents use internet explorer and i don't have anything on there so it works out pretty well, but i just delete my chrome/firefox history just incase.

When it comes to mouth size, Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger have nothing on basking sharks, amirite?

don't forget Gotye! :D

The letter "c" should not be abolished, but every word that uses a "c" where an "s" would suffice should be changed, amirite?
Willow Smith in 60 years: I rock my chair back and forth. I rock my chair back and forth. I rock my chair back and forth, amirite?

that was just awsomee, matee!

You only know your own country's national anthem. All the others sound kind of weird. amirite?

listening to national athems gives me good ones though.

if you ever had to find a needle in a haystack , you'd use a metal detector , amirite?

or a magnet . .

haha anthony the commercials will be uploaded to youtube or something, why go through all that torture???

We should all pay for our own university/college education, amirite?

hell no, if your parents pay for your college education, then you can have a better future and then you can pay for YOUR children's college education. ITS A CYCLE. but of course, if you're the first in you're family to get a college education and your family is low income, you probably have to help them out. or study really hard in High School so that you get some good scholarships, or take out some student loans.

Horcruxes before hoes, amirite?
@wobbuffet Ehh...okay.

They doesn't clarify it in the movie but in the book Harry breaks up with Ginny before he goes on his quest for Horcruxes

One of the best ways to stop liking someone is to imagine him or her pooping, amirite?

wow thanks for corrupting my brain...

People say we're writing our lives in pen. If we figure out time travel, we'll be writing our lives with those cool erasable ink pens, amirite?

or just pencil?

You always order the same sandwich, the same way, with the same toppings at Subway, amirite?

Italian herbs and cheese bread veggie delight with the shredded cheese + spinach, southwest chipotle sauce, jalapenos, salt & pepper :]

Thank you Justin Haters, Twilight haters,and Miley haters for constantly bringing up these celebs when it is not needed.You guys are the true obsessed fans. You promote them, you watch their videos and obviously you buy their tickets (Ex:the guy who threw that bottle at a Justin Bieber concert). You guys continue to make yourself look ridiculous, and I will continue to laugh at your fail. amirite?



Once a child get's old enough, he or she should not use euphemisms for private parts. It's a penis, not a tinkie-winkie, amirite?

ok maybe tinkie-winkie is over the top...but i don't think everyone is comfortable using the words...not everyone is as forward as u fact i would find it particularly rude if a guy that is not my boyfriend/husband used the word penis/dick around me...unless hes referring to a person being a "dick"

It seems like the unfunny people have the most jokes to share, amirite?

lol Guptaaa from outsourced :D