The glass ceiling issue isn't an issue, the average income for jobs may be slightly less for women, but no one says you have to be average, amirite?
@Not all women should be paid less. But the sad truth is that they are. It's another sad truth that they expect...

It could be just me, but I don't really see how those things relate. This post is about how much money men and women earn, not about how they spend it...

Now you're just somebody that thought this was going to be a lyric from an overused song, amirite?
@LinksLegionaire Which ones? I personally don't care much for any of his other stuff.

I personally think this is his best song: Hearts a mess - YouTube video thumbnail these are also great:
Dig your own hole
Easy way out
Save me
Coming back
His songs are all very diffrent, unlike some artists who have the same auto-tuned style in all their songs.


No, it's not irrelevant, it's exactly the same drawing. I am wondering if some people on here stole it...

Even if you aren't homophobic, it would still be hard to deal with a friend coming out to you, amirite?

"I'm gay"
I really don't see the big deal here...

Unless the sidewalk is blocked or unable to use, it's extremely obnoxious when people ride bikes/run in the street when there is a sidewalk right next to it and all the cars have to slow down to go around the person. amirite?

It's annoying when you are walking on the sidewalk and you are constantly run over by cyclists, amirite?

Girls: When your boyfriend breaks up with you, even though a text or email is a total asshole move, doing it in person and politely makes it way worse, amirite?

If he breaks up via text or emaìl, something just doesn't click in your head, especially not if he was acting like he loved you the last time you saw him.

When calculators first came out, they were hundreds of dollars. Now you get them for free just for signing up for a magazine. Its kinda weird to think one day, Ipods will be given away the same way, amirite?

My calculator actually was almost a hundred euros...

It's Really annoyong when someone says that they've lost all hope in a generation because of something only one person or small group of people did, amirite?


It's annoying when someone comments on your post expressing how they wholeheartedly agree when they actually didn't even "yeah you are" it, amirite?

Some people have their votes hidden so their text balloon will always be blue, regardless of the way they have voted.

We should go over to Palestine and say, in a stern mom's voice, "IF YOU CAN'T SHARE, NOBODY HAS IT!" amirite?

Or the the us schould just stop interfering with conflicts and wars between other people or countries; it's none of their business.

Cheeseburgers > Hamburgers, Amirite?

Hamburgers: 1,-
Cheeseburgers: 1,95

For those 20 & younger: You can't wait until your old enough to buy your own alcohol. Amirite?
@SarahMae I have ways of getting it. Just can't go buy it myself. Annoying.

Guess it is, I think it's kind of stupid they made the law that way in your country. If people are not allowed to buy alcohol they will get it and get completely wasted. There are always those few who will get drunk if alcohol is legal, but most people I know don't feel the need to drink a lot.

For those 20 & younger: You can't wait until your old enough to buy your own alcohol. Amirite?

I am 17, have been able to do that since I was 16...

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" is kind of a general question, too general if you ask me. Like me for example, I'd ask "What time?" Is it in the evening, in the middle of the day, at night? Because if it's at night, I see myself sleeping. Amirite?

The only place I'll be seeing myself is in the mirror, I am myself and therefore I can not look at myself.