If you saw someone making fun of a kid with a stutter, you'd kick their ass, amirite?

T-t-today junior!

If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?

Just got five of my friends with it. haha

Non-Pot Smokers: Sometimes, you feel like the only one who doesn't do/ hasn't tried weed, amirite?

You don't 'do' weed, you smoke it.

The word oral can never be taken seriously. amirite?
@MissAwesomeness I can never take my French teacher seriously when she says we have an oral exam, all I can think of is her testing...

Haha yea that's where i got it from. my spanish teacher kept on reminding us about the oral coming up and i couldn't help but crack a smile.

tell a therapist. not facebook or twitter or youtube or whatever people gush out their feelings to for everyone to see.... amirite?

Not everyone can afford a therapist, so it's easier to just tell the internet world because it's free.

Health books say how underweight people go on diets to gain weight. You don't know a single person who would go on a special diet to gain weight, amirite?

wrestlers are always on diets to either gain or lose weight.

I thought I was the only one! glad to see I'm not alone =]

If you type "forehead" into Google Rihanna is the first picture to come up in Google Images. amirite?
@rilara Okay, good job stating a fact.

well i thought it was a funny fact. my bad.

Birthdays are weird, "Hey, the earth is in a similar position relative to the sun to the one it was when you were born, so I got you some socks.", amirite?

Also, parents deserve more appreciation on their kids birthdays, I mean they are the ones that brought them into this world.

Anything that comes in a spray can doubles as a bug killer, amirite?

It definitely helps stop a bug mid-flight. It's always fun spraying them and then watching them crash land.

@Shugah I don't hate axe. I just hate the guys that drench themselves in...

JAKE AND AMIR!!! this is exactly what i thought of when i saw this post. =D

French is better than Spanish, amirite?

Well, French sounds sexier, but spanish is usually more useful.

The old Superman movies are way better then the new ones. amirite?

Christopher Reeve was the best Superman.

There is a reason that they made a Harry Potter theme park and not a twilight one. amirite?
@RunThePacific They probably wouldn't be able to afford all the glitter. (I'm aware this comment is a year late. I accidentally...

Haha true.

(i don't care that your comment is a year late, i still appreciate it just as much =] and stalk away)

On every themed calendar there is always some kind of snowy/christmas type picture. amirite?