About me.

So guys, I've pretty much quit. I'm not particularly popular on this website so it's not a big deal, but if you happened to be stalking me I just though you should know. If you have something important to ask/tell me, feel free to ask, I'll still check on occasion, just don;t expect a quick response.

I have nothing against this site, my tastes have just adapted like many of yours did when you left MLIA. Also, I feel like I'm from an amirite generation (not my age, like my joining date) that is slowly dying and I don't really fit on here like I use to. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and have bigger real life concerns, but it's almost to young on here now. Plus, after awhile the post seem to have been seen before (but not necessarily reposts). I'm sure many of you already go here, but has become my new "site" (FML --> MLIA --> amirite --> 9gag)

Anyways, I still love all of you I have become friends with via this site and appreciate the new perspectives that I've heard here. This is a really good site to have intelligent conversations with people from different countries, a good way to break the american stereotype of only being concerned with America.

Nantsingonyama <3