Everybody is connected to everybody through interests. If you have nothing in common with this person, they will have something in common with another person, who will have something in common with you. It's sort of amazing how we are all so similar, yet different, amirite?
@Of all the amazing aspects of humanity, this is the one that captivated you? How high were you?

No sir, it's hi, how are you?
But besides that, this is not the only aspect of humanity that captivated me, this is just one of them. Usually the ones that are the most amazing already have posts about them.

Why did the chicken cross the road? was probably one of the first anti-jokes ever created, amirite?
@boxtop That's why the meme is "Anti-Joke Chicken".

Yea I know I didn't see that meme until after I posted it :/

It's pretty weird when you see a post that has more comments than votes. amirite?


It's sad that most people on here are girls, I mean it's not really a girly site. Amirite?

It's because most guys are busy watching porn.

It's interesting that some of the big time celebrities out there were once band, theater, or choir nerds in highschool, amirite?
@dangercat It's not really interesting, since most celebrities are famous for music, acting, and singing. What else would you...

I mean it's interesting that these big time celebrities that everyone wants to be, were once nerds in high school.

It's funny how the fad of criticizing people using YOLO, is bigger than the group of people that actually say YOLO, amirite?

You Obviously Love Oreos! I don't see anything wrong with that statement :)

If you kill a kid's parents in front of the kid, then you should really kill the kid also, amirite?

You are so right. Because of what you said, I'm going to correct my mistakes.

Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. amirite?

Well let's ponder this: If there was no life, then we wouldn't be talking about it.

You should be offended when your religious friends don't try to convert you. If they don't, they're basically just saying they don't mind if you're eternally damned, amirite?
@YeahIAm Are you from the Pink Unicornian branch you worthless fucking pig? It's an atrocity that you scumbags have the...

Oh no, don't go there! I say we fight a long crusade over this at our sacred place, the Rainbow of Unicornians! Us invisible pink unicornians will obviously win considering there is only ONE of you worthless purple unicornian.

You should be offended when your religious friends don't try to convert you. If they don't, they're basically just saying they don't mind if you're eternally damned, amirite?

I try and convert my friends all the time. The less they know about the invisible pink unicorn the more likely they will live in a world without the invisible pink unicorn. I care about them too much to let that happen.

I put the "pro" in illiterate, amirite?
Life is a memory, amirite?

I agree partly with this, but I also feel labeling life as one thing is impossible. Life is life. Now lets go and live it, amirite?

Whenever someone asks what time it is there's always a contest to see who can get there phone out first. am I right?

woah woah woah. You choose to make the amirite? grammatically correct, but use the wrong there?

You're the reason China's winning.

After you lose something, you come up with a bunch of reasons as to why it was okay to lose it in the first place. Ex. It was old, the color was faded, the paint was chipped, and so on, amirite?

and in your case "it only contained a part of my soul in it. I have 6 more of those anyway"

When you think about it, Hitler really wasn't such a bad guy. After all, he did kill Hitler, amirite?

Our school play that students write themselves, we put in a joke "An Frankly" "I do not see anyone doing anything about it" .....were all going to burn in hell