I just almost died when I clicked no way on a comment and a song came up. Thanks Anthony. amirite?

I feel like anyone who clicked 'no way' on this just wanted to hear the song

you wish you could start your life over, but with all the knowledge you currently have. amirite?

Nah, too lazy

A transvestite is still a woman. As in, WO! MAN! amirite?

They should name themselves Amanda. A. MAN. DA! - Friends

Police should just lower the drinking age to 16 everywhere because they know everyone who can get their hands on a beer will drink, amirite?

Let's just make a happy median by making the drinking age 18.

Los Angeles is the greatest city in the world, amirite?

Which part? The part with violence and pollution? Or the part that looks really nice, but is full of snobby people hoping to become the next big thing?

I am blonde, thus my hair is "yellow", like the brightest color, like the crayon, which is in a box, so that makes it the brightest crayon in the box, like the saying, so by transitive property blondes are smarter than most people, amirite?

You're a disgrace to all blondes

Whenever you walk past someone smoking, you purposely cough, amirite?

I naturally do it anyway but I make it more obvious. It's not obnoxious for me to do that, it's obnoxious for them to smoke in a public place. If they have to smoke they can do it in their own house.

It is weird how we take credit for our accomplishments but blame others for our mistakes. Great people in this world do the opposite. amirite?

...Like Harry Potter

You wear a belt on your pants for fashion more often than keeping your pants up, amirite?

I seriously just thought oh well I guess girls do and then I remembered...

just cuz im 11 dosnt mean im not in luv with my boyfriend, amirite?

Learn how to spell love and then we'll talk

Sometimes, when it's pouring rain, you like to look out the car window and pretend that you are in a movie, amirite?

Feel like I've heard this said before....

The scariest villains are the ones who honestly believe their crimes are justified, amirite?

Oh come on I mean he had it coming, he was just staring at me. If I hadn't killed him then I would've had nightmares of him killing me. You understand right?

a year is a lot for a kid but it is like a month for an adult, amirite?

Like a day for Nicolas Flamel

You still have your gameboy color, amirite?

I never had one :( but my older sister forgot about hers so I took it :). The only games she had for it were Mary Kate and Ashley games though

You have made an account and really liked the name, until you realize that one letter is missing from it, so it reads, well, just look down, amirite?

Lol I did that with my clubpenguin name. I made it peanguinperl when I meant penguinpearl...I was a dumb child