If you could be remembered for one thing it would be

Is it cliche that I just want to be remembered as being happy?

Sometimes you just want to be in your own personal bubble, amirite?

this reminds me of this clear walled bathroom
in the middle of a public place outside

people on the outside couldn't see the bathroom user
but the person inside the bathroom could see them

it gave the bathroom users a sort of rush

Image in content

imagine if you made eye contact with a person
he/she couldn't see you
but you'd feel like he/she could

Barack obama's birthday is 8/4...[8+(4/4)]/[4+[(4x2)-(4/4)]] is 9/11...HOLY SHIT OBAMAS A TERRORIST, amirite?
@FlyingMintBunny How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm on mobile so it's not like I can just scroll over it)

( hello ) = hello smilie
( un ) = un smilie
( angry ) = angry smilie
( lolwut) = lolwut smilie
( ono ) = ono smilie
( goo ) = goo smilie
( yum ) = yum smilie
( frown ) = frown smilie
( d ) = d smilie
( smirk ) = smirk smilie
( wary ) = wary smilie
( no ) = no smilie
( hmm ) = hmm smilie
( hehe ) = hehe smilie
( cool ) = cool smilie
( l ) = l smilie
( Y ) = y smilie
( n ) = n smilie
( love ) = love smilie
( cry2 ) = (cry2)

Claustrophobic = afraid of Santa Claus, amirite?
FDR's decision to join the war as a result of an attack on US soil was met with a positive reaction by the people. 9/11/2001 happens and Bush's subsequent decision to start a war was the beginning of everyone hating him for no reason. Everyone says they hate Bush but they don't really know why. He was probably one of the better presidents we've had since FDR, amirite?

This post reeks of ignorance. Of course there is a reason why Bush's popularity gradually fell. His approval topped out at 90% just after 9/11, started falling, conveniently rested at 51% in November 2004, before bottoming out in the 20s by the time he left office. Read his wikipedia article for an unbiased history of his Presidency and you can see why many consider him a poor President. He placed a ban on stem-cell research; handled Afghanistan poorly after the fall of the Taliban and allowed Bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora; invaded Iraq against the will of the U.N. and most Western nations on the false premise of weapons of mass destruction , and proceeded to draw out the conflict which subsequently caused a civil war; pushed through the PATRIOT Act, which widely expanded the power of the government to spy on its people; passed No Child Left Behind, which furthered the education gap between the U.S. and the Western world; botched the handling of Hurricane Katrina; passed detrimental tax cuts that erased the Clinton surplus and sent the debt skyrocketing; etc.

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Some people are really good at puns, while others arepun't, amirite?

There was a man who entered a local paper's pun contest. He sent in ten different puns hoping at least one of the puns would win but, unfortunately, no pun in ten did..

If you were in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Justin Bieber and had a gun with two bullets, you's shoot Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein because you're not a douche that wishes death on innocent people, amirite?

I would actually shoot Toby.

You still have your gameboy color, amirite?
People who say "not necessarily" are usually nerds, amirite?

Not necessarily.

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a year is a lot for a kid but it is like a month for an adult, amirite?

Like a day for Nicolas Flamel

Every word is an acronym if you look hard enough, amirite?

Perhaps nobody even uses most of nature’s organic, unique life treasures. Realistically, anyone might invent creations replicating organic splendors. Could other, presumably inorganic creations, substitute impressive life incredulities? Creations offering very ostentatious lure could amazingly now only complicate our natural interests. Our standpoint is subjective.

That took me forever, it better get me a shit ton of loves.

Virgins: You're a little afraid to have sex. amirite?

You'll cum around.

You know everyone you're friends with on Facebook, amirite?

I know all of my Facebook friends except for this one person. He seems really nice though he keeps inviting me to the park at night. Isn't that sweet? He told me that he was 17 but I think he's older and is just embarrassed by his age. Oh that reminds me I have to go and meet him. Have a nice day :)

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More people would read the Bible if it was called The Adventures of Jesus and Friends, amirite?
@ProudMary Or if it had a more up-to-date translation.

Yo dawg, so den, Jesus was all up like, turning dat water into beer, and his decipals were like, "YEA-YA, PARTY UP IN HERRRRE!"
aww yeah, and some lepers and shit.