If they ever come out with a new soda, it should be called F5. Because it's so refreshing. amirite?

Ba-dum tshh

@scrantoncity I'm onto you, Ninja Lord Voldemort!

I loved that whole back and forth cliche MLIA stuff. Made my year.

People are saying the word "indeed" a lot these days, amirite?
@bluerice indeed

Was gonna inb4 that but looks like I'm about a year late.

I bet you had to read this twice, amirite?
@scrantoncity Best thread EVER?

Yes, my life is now complete.

If you're ever intimidated by someone, don't imagine them in their underwear, imagine them running with a back-pack on, amirite?

In their underwear.

When one mature adult has an imaginary friend it is called crazy. When millions of mature adults share the same imaginary friend, it's called religion. amirite?

Who says it's imaginary and who says it's not? You aren't one to decide.

It's really fucking annoying when you go to a website that you use on a daily basis and they decide to completely change their layout and you have no idea where anything is anymore, amirite?

Don't give Anthony ideas about April Fool's Day =P

Facebook group: "....Jason Derulo taught us how to spell S-O-L-O, Spongebob taught us how to spell F-U-N.." Dude, if you can't spell 'solo' or 'fun', you probably need to get off Facebook and go to school, amirite?

Bruce Almighty = Beautiful
Gwen Stafani = Bananas

Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and vulnerable, if you want to toughen up- grow a vagina, those things can take a pounding, amirite?
In a healthy human body, when one cell becomes infected or mutated, it will signal other cells to destroy it to ensure it doesn't spread. This is because the survival the the human body as a whole is more important than the survival of one cell. Humanity could learn a vital lesson from this, amirite?
@Sacrificing the weak so that the strong can survive. Either people didn't understand that properly, or our...

In that case, I disagree. The "weak", whether you mean sick or just not strong, deserve to live just as much as the "strong".

@Nick This made my day :D

This should 100% be Post of the Day

Elementary math problems are weird. "'I had 10 chocolate bars and ate 9. What do I have now?'" Oh, I don't know, DIABETES MAYBE.", amirite?
@OhEmGee_Muffin I first read that as beer...

lmao me too. I was just thinking "why the hell would a butcher sell beer..?"

Not to be racist or anything but don't you hate it when you are the only white person surrounded by black or mexican people, or the only black or mexican person surrounded by white people. You want to be surrounded by your own race. amirite?

I wouldn't say I hate it, more of just feels awkward. It'd be the same, in my opinion, as being surrounded with people much older than you or people you don't know. I get what you mean, but it's less about race.