The reason school encourage reading books is because it increases a students vocabulary. But what a lot of people don't understand is that magazines and movies(etc.)provide the same values, amirite?

Yeah Shakespeare is the same level as "seventeen" magazine (Sarcasm)

How do we know that dinosaurs roared, amirite?

Wouldn't be awesome if a t-rex meowed. Jurassic park would never be the same.

Christians: Atheists often say one of the reasons we believe is because we feel comforted by the fact that there's a God watching over us and that we fear the reality that God may not exist. It would be logical to counter that one of the reasons they don't believe is because they fear that there's a God watching them, and they fear that He does exist. Amirite?

I'm a Christian i love my savior Jesus Christ very much. i am not however going to defend this argument that the OP put up.
the argument the OP put up
the atheist fears that God exists, and watching over them
therefore atheists don't believe God exists.

That argument is not valid it almost contradicts itself.

  • to the OP there is not a definitive proof that God exists, there however is good arguments on why he exists. so when it comes down to it Christianity is based on faith. so keep the faith and read the word, and also read some really good apologetic books. josh Mcdowell is a great author to read when it comes to Apologetic books.
Community college is for losers, amirite?

Why anonymous?

pokemon was pretty much like crack for kids growing up. it started with hey whats that can i try, then you buy some yourself and then you start trading and dealing with others and then your principal bans it and you get in trouble if a teacher sees it at school. amirite?
If any sport had to go through a lockout...thank god it was basketball amirite?

I would rather baseball go into a lockout than basketball. But that'd just me I love watching the NBA.

It really stinks when you fall into garbage, amirite?
you don't have a job, amirite?

I have two jobs and i am going to college.

If a girl asks her boyfriend what he likes about her and he replies, "you're so sexy and have a great body" and makes no mention of her face and personality, then he really doesn't 'love' her like he says he does. amirite?

Our society thinks love is an emotion. True love is emotionless for ex: when harmones are not flowing through your body at an extreme rate but you still care for her. Love is a word we throw around to easily ( I love ice cream) relationships need to be based around trust, communication, and not about lust which is often thought of as love which is completly not

Sometimes it just takes one hand instead of two people. amirite?

oh tub lol

You promised yourself to wake up on time tomorrow, but that aint gonna happen, amirite?

it better or im missing my final

Guys: If a girl hits you first, you should be allowed to hit them back without looking like a jerk, amirite?

I think it comes as an issue of shilvary. I personally would never hit a girl. When I was very young I hit my older sister angerly. I was probably 7 then my dad took me to the side and told me to never hit a girl. I asked why and he replied because it is the right thing to do. It was never an issue of equality. It was an issue of RESPECT towards women.

Girls: You think guys should stop thinking that what people so loathingly refer to as the “friendzone” is some sort of purgatory women put “nice guys” into. your friendship is not a crappy consolation prize that you’re left with if you deny them a sexual relationship– and your body is not his reward for good behavior. amirite?

A true good guy will see that it isn't going to work out so why should he hurt the girl by constantly trying to win her over. the girl most likely knows that he likes her but doesn't want to see him hurt which is hurting her. guys that think they are in the friend zone- i know there is always exceptions, but be a friend to her by just being a friend do not try to win her.

People don't want to hear this, but some of us are more intelligent than others and some are less intelligent. We do not have unlimited potential, but each of us has only certain abilities. We cannot succeed at everything we dream of just because we work hard and have determination. We all have limits, and until a person realizes this fact he is just living in denial, amirite?

idk about you but I would rather fail at something trying my best pushing myself finding out my limits and even pushing myself past my limits instead of not even trying

Giving the unemployed money will not encourage them to get jobs, it encourages them to stay unemployed and get money\, amirite?

Maybe giving them time to hear there story is always a good thing. If you feel obligated to help don't just give money. ( even though that helps) give them your time.