Water is kinky cause it likes to choke you. amirite?

And I'm kinky because I like to drink it

Exclamation marks become pointless after using more than 3 at the end of a sentence. amirite?

exclamation mark!

NNN will have even lower success rates than usual, amirite?

I've found a loophole.

It's amazing that despite most of our eyes being covered, we can still see very well when squinting. amirite?

Because the seeing part is actually very smoll

If you add enough ice to tea, after a while it would become half and half tea. amirite?
@Framie1 Well smack my ass and call me Sally! So where does the SWEET come from?

Are you literally asking what makes sweet tea sweet? It's sugar.

The person using a lightsaber must have extreme confidence in his/her ability to defend him/herself against a ray gun. amirite?
@TheLucidMan Hence why only force sensetives who are trained to use them.

Just maybe the Force is not with them in choosing a more sensible weapon.

If people agree on a social code where nobody even looks at a child when having a temper tantrum in a public space, then parents would not feel bad leaving their children crying, and children would have to find alternative strategies. amirite?

If people learned to control their kids out on public the rest of us wouldn't need to be inconvenienced by petulant brats.

Dating a nonbinary person is fun because it's always a surprise to find out what genitals you get when you undress them, amirite?
Somone wearing little cloths can be a lot more lewd than someone completely naked. amirite?

Imagination can be a powerful thing

Everything is incredible about humans, amirite?


The second living being to suffer the most from the direct consequences of human warfare, was horses. amirite?

Pretty sure they had it coming, filthy commies always sharing the grass.

Weapons are designed to kill/harm people in different ways, amirite?
Mirrors don't actually break. They just multiply, amirite?
@Framie1 same goes for people

I dont know if i should laugh or be terrified

Cold has a smell, amirite?

Shut up. Before I tell you warm has a taste

Without changing the functionality of USB ports, we could surely come up with an easier way to plug them in on the first try. amirite?