You shouldn't be allowed to be a fan of a band from a different country. People should support their own country's music industry. Amirite?

America keeps turning out crappy music, why would I want to be a fan of crappy music?

Whether you like them or not, the drumline works the hardest in marching band, amirite?
@thats actually one of the easiest things to do, coming from a veteran musician. they don't have to breath hard and...

We carry the heaviest instument, plus we learn and play all the cadences the rest of you guys get to dance to.

Muffins are not ugly cupcakes, they are normal desserts that don't cake on stuff on their face so that people would like them, amirite?

Muffins are not dessert, they are breakfast or snack.

Vegetarians shouldn't eat McDonald's fries, amirite?

They are not cooked with animal fat but the oil they are cooked in does have some animal product in it to "add flavor". A big deal was made about it like two years ago thats a guess-timate

Seeing kids on leashes is hysterical, amirite?

Free the leash kids!!!!

Talk like you have a brain, otherwise people will assume you don't have one.

Whether you like them or not, the drumline works the hardest in marching band, amirite?
@I kind of thought that the susaphone was heaver

It might be. I don't know, never having to carry one. I was pretty fumed when I read the original post. Me big brother played sousaphone and precussion. I should ask him.

I think that it would end up in a massive war. Religion is far to controversial.

Wanting to swim when you're on your period sucks, amirite?
@I knew all the comments would be about tampons, and not everyone is able to use them for different

No they don't stop in water. Sit in a bath with no tampon when you're on your period. Just because there is enough water to dilute it so you don't see it doesn't mean it's not happening.