When a friend suggests things to you based on your interests, they're a good friend. When the internet does it, it's creepy. amirite?

I see what you did there 👉😎👉

We are the next fossil fuel. amirite?

Who says we have to be fossils to be fuel?

Nobody wants to fly in a helicopter this week, amirite?

Why wouldn't they? I'd love to ride in a helicopter.

Maybe Y2K, 2012, or the hadron collider hype was fossil fuel companies priming society to doubt climate projections, amirite?

Except, none of those "events" had anything to do with climate projects. Y2K was about computers crashing. 2012 was about the end of the world. Hadron collider is about possibly creating black holes which could destroy humanity.

Ther has never been a thirsty fish ever, amirite?

Ever seen a fish out of water?

Loan the people you hate some money, you'll most likely never see them again, amirite?

Omg genius

You never (or very rarely) see people of color in anime, amirite?

that's what the hair is for

If we could travel in time and take a smart phone with us, which is one of our most advanced pieces of technology of our era, in a day or two without the charger and electricity it'd just be a shiny piece of crap. amirite?
Bullets are the only item that generate more concern when purchased as a single item than in larger quantities. amirite?
@Does any place even sell single bullets or do you always have to get a box?

So I literally tried to buy I single bullet (9mm cartridge) at Cabela's today, and when I told the employee that "I only needed one" he got weird and refused to sell any to me. FYI, I needed a single bullet for reference in a video I'm working on

A peanut allergy is not a nut allergy, amirite?

And yet if you started eating them on a plane after they announced someone had a nut allergy, you'd still get in trouble. What an unjust world.

There is no way to disprove that we are living in a simulation. Everything we experience could be "rendered" in as we encounter it. amirite?
@Our computers may not be able to but...

Unless the simulation computer somehow has infinite space

If humans didn't exist cats wouldn't know what tuna tases like. amirite?

If humans didn't exit, cats wouldn't exist

Photons works better then "Cardinals" for the AZ football team. amirite?
Growing up is realising that you can't be naked in front your parents and you have to find another person to be naked in front of. amirite?

Do you find my Pp nice looking? Yay you enjoy my Pp I shall keep you