The dog of the king thinks he is the king of dogs. amirite?

I don't think dogs play into humankinds need for a hierarchy, they're just happy that they seem to have more visitors and much cooler and tastier gifts than his friends

Bullets are the only item that generate more concern when purchased as a single item than in larger quantities. amirite?
@Does any place even sell single bullets or do you always have to get a box?

So I literally tried to buy I single bullet (9mm cartridge) at Cabela's today, and when I told the employee that "I only needed one" he got weird and refused to sell any to me. FYI, I needed a single bullet for reference in a video I'm working on

Nobody wants to fly in a helicopter this week, amirite?

Why wouldn't they? I'd love to ride in a helicopter.

When a friend suggests things to you based on your interests, they're a good friend. When the internet does it, it's creepy. amirite?

I see what you did there 👉😎👉

Soon, all the boomers are going to die, amirite?
Growing up is realising that you can't be naked in front your parents and you have to find another person to be naked in front of. amirite?

Do you find my Pp nice looking? Yay you enjoy my Pp I shall keep you

The average of any Win/Lose ratio in a game has to be 50%, amirite?

This does not make sense Think of any fair game let's say there are 10 segments to a spinning wheel but only one is a winner the win / lose ratio is 9/1 so it's not 50%

MlSS NlGGERlA won because of beauty and intelligence, amirite?

Pretty sure she won for being on Harvey's side of the spectrum, if you know what i mean (i swear im not racist)

Every flavor we experience is somewhat tainted by the aftertaste of the roof of our mouths. amirite?

I read this while eating and now I wanna throw up

Microwaves get more and more features but the only one that ever gets used is time cook, amirite?

They should remove the popcorn button. It never works right.

Ther has never been a thirsty fish ever, amirite?

Ever seen a fish out of water?

Plus the Chinese eat cats, so you could eat pussy

Every part of the dump you took this morning was present at the Big Bang, amirite?
Noone would care about weddings if it weren't for free food and alcohol, amirite?

A hell of a lot of people would mate what are you on rn