Miley Cyrusis cooler than all of you what if she hates asians? i hate them too go get a life and admit shes is waaaay prettier than you LOL! amirite?

If you are going to be Troll, be a good troll.

Americans are all like "hey, we hav to lern 50 states!!1 so stop teling me to lern mor about other country's!!!" Dear Americans, I can name the 50 states and all the countries in this planet. Will you now stop being ignorant and learn about the outside world? No? You won't? Well, to be honest, I didn't expect you to stop being ignorant ever. It's part of your culture, amirite?

Umm... excuse me? Ms. Bitch? Not all americans are ignorant. You are. Thank-you. Now piss off.

People pay loads of money for teachers to teach kids not to use drugs, and now they want to pass a law making marijuana legal (Prop 19). Isn't that counterproductive? amirite?
Some drinks just don't belong with ice. amirite?
Girls: If he rejects you, he doesn't know what he is missing out on and is not worth getting upset over. amirite?
@he probably does know what he is missing out on and he probably knows that he's missing out on an ugly chick or an...

This just happened to me, and I'm okay looking and I think pretty nice.... But that's just my opinion... You are entitled to yours. :)

someone hates you for no reason? give that motherf*cker a reason, amirite?

Osama.... dumbass

I don't mean to sound like an uncultured douche, but theatre is really just an outdated and less entertaining version of television and cinema, amirite?

Theater requires much more talented actors, the costumes are much better on stage. Lastly, there is something beautiful about seeing it live. If you don't understand these things you've either: only seen a kindergarten play or are completely oblivious to culture. You choose.

NO WAY!!! really? I had NO idea!! I never noticed that people would be pleased to get a million dollars. (sarcasm)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, amirite?

really? copy a song? really? I agree, but seriously? why did you copy a song?

Before you fall asleep at night, you think of a lot of things. You play scenes in your head of things you would like to happen to you, have endless 'what ifs', Practice things that you want to say, but never will, make plans for the next day, and ask yourself a lot of questions. amirite?
God, you people on amirite are so stupid, MLIA is way better. (: amirite?

MLIA is for trolls or 16 year olds that spend there time playing with dinosaurs and and casting harry potter spells. THIS SITE is for creative witty clever people with opinions that are worth sharing, go back to MLIA.

You hate those people who put smily faces at the end of their sentences when it isn't needed :). amirite?
Girls: you hold your boobs when you run down the stairs, amirite?

This post is from facebook.... get original

Look, I don't know who these damn 12 year olds are, but they should really get off this site. It's not our responsibility to explain what everything is, amirite?

wait a second here. I am 12 and I have NEVER asked what something is. I actually know what everything that goes on is... trust me. I do. I have a very impure mind due to my older brother.