Suicidal people probably don't know what the hotline number is. amirite?

Knowing the number or that there are people willing to listen and hetlp won't prevent suicide. There are many reasons for suicide, depressed people may not even believe they are worth the time or help of people working at these hotlines.
If this is an attempt to make fun of suicidal people you should really be ashamed of yourself and think about what you just said.

Most people have never had to go to a shoe store barefoot, yet we all had to get our first pair somehow. amirite?
Cereals like Lucky Charms and Coco Pops are closer to desserts than a breakfast cereal, amirite?
The US and Canada should merge, amirite?
Your brain knows how to wag your tail even though you don't have one, amirite?
There will always be at least a million more suitable partners for you in the world, amirite?

yeah it's still hard to find them cause if there are only one million out there you would have to talk to 8.000 people to find one

Most people have never had to go to a shoe store barefoot, yet we all had to get our first pair somehow. amirite?

I read this in Keanu Reeves voice for Bill and Ted and it worked a lot better.

Those feather dusters at the barber shop have touched a lot of faces before yours and are likely never washed. amirite?

Wait until the face they touched three days ago had monkeypox and now so do you.

Heightened senses are a terrible and lazy superpower. In fact, most superpowers are. Superheroes would be so much more interesting if they gave these powers depth. amirite?

Batman use Sound based attacks to hurt Superman when he fight him.

Venom doens't trigger Spiderman spider sense, he also lost his spider sense at one point forcing him develop his own spider based martial art.

Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?

Monsters Inc targeted the kids that had nothing to worry about. The poor kids got a rough life. Randall being the antagonist bad guy attacked a poor kid in a trailer park

Laws are user agreements for life that you don't get to review before you have to accept, amirite?

You sign away your life the moment you start digging into that giant egg.

Every American citizen over the age of 18 should get $10k no questions asked. amirite?
@georgecampos I mean if you're going to turn on the money printer, you might as well print it out for everyone.

You do understand that taxpayers foot the bill or money printer goes brrrr. when they print more money it devalues the dollar. Why do you think we are in a recession?

The US and Canada should merge, amirite?

Yeah no thanks. I live in Vermont and see how Canada is. Respect for my fellow moose + maple friends but I'm good.

Every hand that you have touched has probably had a Weiner in it. amirite?
@jodzdzownica Yeah, there's a 5% chance. Or she might be a nun. But even if she is gay, many lesbians have straight partners...

And there's nothing wrong with that. I hope my daughter lives a happy, satisfying and fulfilling life. And someday she'll have sex. And that's fine. Her sex life is none of my business

Heat makes things expand but your dryer makes things shrink, amirite?

It removes a bunch of the "things" (the water part) so it doesn't exactly shrink your towels so much as it removes all the other stuff from them.