We should all get nekkid, amirite?

This black guy at my church was reading a bible verse aloud he said it as "neh-kid". I would have laughed if I wasn't afraid of getting shot.

Sometimes you look at people and wonder why their parents didn't use birth control, amirite?

I wonder that when I look at my sister.

You use more than the recommended pea-sized amount of toothpaste, amirite?

I use a caterpillar size amount.

You hate it when you take a stab in the dark and accidentally kill a black person, amirite?

I guess being so pale that I glow in the dark is good for one thing.

Don't go get your nails done every week then complain you don't have enough money to pay your bills, amirite?

I love when I'm in walmart and there's some lady in there with well manicured nails and coach shoes and a gucci purse and she's paying with an EBT card.

It would be pretty embarrassing to be the one who finishes 20 seconds behind everyone else in the olympics, amirite?
@Norma not really. You're competing against the top athletes in the world. At least you made it to the Olympics.

I'd be amazed that I could even swim all of the sudden.

But really, I would just be happy that I was at the Olympics and I work harder so I could do better next time.

You feel more comfortable going to the bathroom at school when you're the only one there, amirite?

It goes for ANY public place. I can't pee if somebody else is in the bathroom. It makes me feel awkward.

What ever happened to "Never talk to strangers," now there's talktoastranger.com, omegle.com, chatroulette.com, etc... amirite?

I read talktoastranger.com as talk toast ranger.com

You don't really think about your parents having dramas with their friends, amirite?

My parents don't have friends.

You've wondered what you would do if you were about to get killed by a murderer, amirite?

I think about this everytime I see a spider.

The taste of victory is sweet, amirite?

Cats even like the taste of victory. http://ctrlv.in/41754

It sucks when you really want to lose weight but your parents won't buy healthy food, amirite?

I thought I was the only one with this problem.

The best things in life don't need a commercial, amirite?

Which is why you don't see commercials for Harvard or Princeton.

It's really annoying when you remember the tune of a song but don't remember the name, amirite?

That's why I have the SoundHound app.

It isn't mean when parents put their children on leashes. They are just trying to control their children, amirite?
@See, and that's a difference. I mean age wise, I'd say around 5 they should already have an idea of "lets not go...

My little brother is 7 and still wears his leash. He's autistic so he still hasn't really learned it yet and he LIKES wearing it.