You're always the most tired in math class, amirite?
@AnnDeeva Contemporary Literature. My first day of school was yesterday, and they hired a new teacher. She's so fucking weird...

My Contemporary Lit class's teacher has the most annoying voice and she insists on reading everything that needs to be read aloud. I only have that class for half a semester though.


omg! :o I live like twenty minutes from there! :o :O

Speed limits are rediculous, amirite?
You used to be super awesome if you had a portable CD player but now you get laughed at if you still use one, amirite?
@Vinvu [FIRST] :D haha i heard it's called a walkman.

Oh you and your firstness. :b
Hahah. It probably is called a Walkman.

Ghetto people on Facebook need to learn that 'is' and 'am' are not interchangeable, amirite?
@swimlax I feel like I should share with you my friend's (I use that term loosely) spelling of "actually". "actioley"

Schedules recently came out at my school and most of my friends are going into their junior year and they have trouble spelling schedule. I saw it spelled as: skedual, scedul, $k3du@1 and other various spellings.

Anthony needs to tell us how many votes it takes to get to the homepage. amirite?

Anthony doesn't NEED to do anything. :|

It kind of sucks when you don't want to go somewhere and are dragged along and then you end up liking it and are forced to admit it, amirite?

Ugh. I hate when I like things! D:<

You never see pregnant Asians, amirite?

The lady that does my pedicures is pregnant. c:

You're self-conscious about the way you run, amirite?
you know all of the words to the songs that annoy you the most, amirite?
It sucks when your house only has one bathroom and you really have to take a shit while someone is in the shower, amirite?

Good thing my dad takes super quick showers

Both of my parents used to do drugs and my mom drinks a lot. I will never drink, not even socially, or do drugs.

I don't mean to offend anyone living there, but Minnesota is probably the most obscure state ever, amirite?


Dogs humping is hilarious, amirite?

This post makes me think of Click and the dog that humps that duck pillow.

No matter how innocent we are, we have done something to make us guilty, amirite?

Yesterday in church, we were talking about how much it would suck if God used corporal punishment on us every time we sinned.