If you take all the r's, m's, o's, e's and y's out of "Romney" and add "Sata" to the beginning, it becomes "Satan". This means Romney is Satan.

Even if it meant you would receive a detention or some other type of punishment, you would still stand up to a bully, amirite?

Only if they were teasing somebody else.

It's awkward when someone has an almost-mustache, amirite?

If by awkward you mean a huge turn off, yes.

People are always really quick to say that they're sad or angry, but hearing someone say, "I'm happy," almost never happens, amirite?

I rarely tell people when I'm sad, but if I'm truly happy, one of the first things I say will be, "I'm in such a great mood right now".

Throws away paper "You should recycle that! You just killed a tree!" ".....I'm pretty sure a tree can make more than one piece of paper", amirite?

Plus, the tree is already dead.

The thing that made this TV show so successful was the fact that the characters were so relatable. They weren't super rich or anything and they reminded the viewers of their own lives. Such a good show :') amirite?
Ticonderoga pencils are the best. amirite?

I judge a pencil on its eraser and that one is perfect.

People say celebrities are just paid for acting and/or singing a song. That's not true. They're basically getting paid for selling themselves. They trade their privacy for fame and money, amirite?
@valentineleo and in the end they have to pay the price by having no personal life; marilyn monroe is one such example :)

In the words of Elton John, "Hollywood created a superstar And pain was the price you paid."

This is what Billy Mays' tombstone should say, amirite?

Then half of his body should be somewhere else near by and that head stone should read, "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE."

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but until you catch one you're just stuck there holding your rod, amirite?
@Favvkes Who needs fish when you have cats? :D

My cats scare all the fish away and eat them if they stay.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but until you catch one you're just stuck there holding your rod, amirite?
It's ridiculous that my parents take half the money I get, amirite?
@Myrania I can't answer on that without knowing more of the situation :(

That's what I was thinking. If the parents take the money for themselves and the person is a teenager, that's wrong. But if the person is living at their house as an adult and the parents are paying for their food, I agree they should help chip in. I also think that the parents are justified in taking half of OP's money if they're putting it in a savings account for them that OP will receive later or will go toward college or something useful.

Sometimes it kind of sucks that your parents are a package deal. Like, when you want to spend time with one but not really the other, but they're always together, amirite?

The thought of my parents spending time together is going to send me into a laughing fit.

When you look at the art you did as a kid, you wonder what the heck you were thinking, amirite?


I was a pro at drawing pumpkins as a 5 year old.

You support the process of chemical castration (an injection that decreases libido by lowering testosterone levels) for rapists and pedophiles, amirite?

In some cases, I'd support just good ol' regular castration.