There's always that one gross and annoying kid in the class that sits behind you, amirite?

This guy behind me last year in English class always coughed on my neck. puke smilie

USA: yah dude we love soccer we are gonna get so much better at it...USA loses: dude fuck soccer its gay, amirite?

This pretty much applies to everything.

All it takes is an ugly picture with a vintage effect and a random, sexual word you make you smile, amirite?
The hardest thing about doing donuts in the parking lot is not getting icing on the crotch of your pants. amirite?
@Brettward95 He was gonna fuck the donut.

He got donut holes and a loaf of pumpernickel bread. I don't even want to know what he was going to do with those.

The hardest thing about doing donuts in the parking lot is not getting icing on the crotch of your pants. amirite?

I work in a bakery and this guy came in recently with a raging boner.
This now makes sense.

Yeah. I hate when hand-less bald men are shirtless.

A paper shredder beats scissors any day, amirite?

I took this as a Rock, Paper, Scissors post at first.

It's really terrible when you can hear the destruction of your skin. Like sizzling, tearing, etc., amirite?

One of the worst sounds is hearing a bone crack when it is breaking.

Trying to walk without bending your knees is a challenging thing to do, amirite?

I dislocated my knee recently so I can definitely relate.

having a cat lay on you is a bit like having a furry hot water bottle that doesn't get cold, amirite?

If you have my cat, your hot water bottle bites.

The kid in the 'My Video for Briona' was really fucking creepy, amirite?

I'm too afraid to go to sleep now.

any starwars fan who says "the phantom menace" "attack of the clones" and "revenge of the sith" are good movies are just trying to hold onto the memory of "starwars is good", amirite?

Anybody who spells Star Wars as "starwars" probably shouldn't be talking about it, amirite?

I hate having a name one letter off from a man's name. (Norm or Norman).

Nobody ever mentions karma when something good happens to a good deed; only bad things to bad deeds, amirite?

Whenever I heard "karma" I automatically think of Reddit. Reddit is always a good thing.

Girls: When your hair comes out in the shower, you just stick it to the wall, amirite?
@But those things slow down the flow of the water so much! So much easier to just stick it to the wall. To teach it...

Our water drains just fine. Plus I lose so much hair that the walls would look like Cousin It.