About me.

hello -.-

  • 16
  • female
  • all girls' school
    i like odd anonononononymousity, so you can call me T.
    i'm from Cape Town, South Africa and i hate it when i read about chex mix, wendy's, toaster strudels or any other American food and I don't know what in the name of all the is holy the person is talking about...so for all your americans, i love boerewors rolls, potjie, naartjies, marmite, spur and windhoek lager... :D
    i use elipsis a lot...hope it doesn't irritate you.
    whenever i click to someone's profile and they have nothing in their bio it gets on my nerves but now i can think of nothing to say -.-
    i don't work hard at school but i get good marks...but i'm always the one making stupid comments :|
    they say South Africans party way too hard and i must say that is damn right! i've woken up many a monday morning with sore legs because i've been dancing the whole weekend :D
  • escape the fate
  • radiohead
  • bullet for my valentine
  • bring me the horizon
  • cute is what we aim for
  • jax panic
  • kurt darren
  • straatlig kinders
  • panic at the disco
  • HATE Fall Out Boy :o(
  • yellowcard
  • my american heart
  • benny benassi
  • boys like girls
  • breaking benjamin
  • eagule*seagull
  • death cab for cutie
    e t c e t e r a
    i'm pretty strange in person and i tend to be the only one who likes my singing :O

feel frree to do whatever :)