We have all done something illegal, whether it be as small as jay-walking across a deserted street or as big as mudering your neighbor, amirite?

All of the above. Just kidding. Jaywalking is horrible.

It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?
If all of the current amirite members remained active users for the next twenty years, there would be a shift in the age demographic, and it would be cool to see how the posts, comments, and site would change to appeal to thirty and forty-year-olds, amirite?

Staying active on this site for that long would leave me with a life not worth writing about.

One of the most difficult decisions to make in life is whether to pursue your dream or to pursue reality, amirite?

Solution: make your dream reality.

Gah. Easier said than done, but it sounds nice.

It's strange that a lot of humans see themselves as separate from other animals in the animal kingdom in two distinct groups: human and non human animals. There's really nothing special about people other than their intelligence, in the same way there's nothing special about a cheetah other than running at 70 mph and keen hunting instincts. There's no reason for humans to think of themselves as special or seperate ... amirite?

Intelligence is kind of a big deal though.

Guys: You don't like it when girls announce that they have to pee. Please keep it to your self or at least say "Sorry I have to go to the Washroom", amirite?

I have to pee.

A victimless crime should not be a crime. amirite?

Why the hell is Casey Anthony one of the topics?

Guys: You don't shower every day, amirite?

Yeah those becauses are so so clean.

Pretend you are in a burning building, and for some reason there was a petri dish of 10 living, viable, fertilized 1 week old human embryos that could grow healthily, and also a 5 year old crying toddler in the same building. If you could only save one of them from the fire, you would choose to save the 5 year old, amirite?

It's a good thing chances are slim that I'll ever have to make this decision.

Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?
since the term "ass" isnt an appropriate word, then we shall say John Wilkes Booth buttbuttinated Abraham Lincoln, amirite?
@notmuchnotmuch Why didn't you double check your spelling?

Aw no you're not. You must have been kid of in a rush.

It's cool to think about what amirite users could be or have done; they could be one of the top athletes in their country, a chess master, have climbed Mt. Everest, a child genius, rich, or famous and we have no idea, amirite?

I (read a book about someone who) climbed Mount Everest.

Middle schools should have free periods and lounges. (for students, not teachers) amirite?

right because middle schoolers' lives are just so demanding.

If the shortage of Bacon thing is true, then the Apocalypse is truly upon us, amirite?