About me.

Hey peoples, I have finally decided to create an 'Amirite' account, hurray for me, Amirite? Yeah, didn't think so. I've been an "Amiriter" since July-ish, and have made multiple posts that have been Home paged...they were just anonymous=P. So here is a little about me that you probably would never care about in your lifetime:

I'm probably younger than 60%(rough guestimate?) Of you peoples on Amirite, but don't get me wrong, I am still a definite 90's kid. Also, I'm smarter than most kids my age, (atleast I think so) I don't really like cocky people, they just need to realize that they aren't the best around, and it just gets on my nerves. I also dislike when people use the word "hate" especially when they just fling it back and forth, No one can HATE anyperson/thing, you can dislike them very much, but you can't hate, it's life, deal with it.
I'm not a grammar Nazi, however, if something is just screaming "CORRECT ME!" I will have no choice but to simply point it out to whoever. I like football, I play it quite often as well, but I'm not a die hard fan, I like the NY Giants, don't hate, really. I don't mind reading, as long as I want to do it on my time, not when forced. I'm tallish, 6' and still growing, I love cats, they're just the best animal ever, I want a Lynx...that'd be awesome. Favorite color is silver, because it's just so shiny. I dislike being dirty, showers ARE a must need in my life, no doubt about it. I don't like arguing, but if you get me going, I'm not that easy to shake off, that's just who I am. I dislike the fact that Obama is president, I don't like politics that well either, sue me. I don't mind school, I like math and physics, but can't stand English, especially if I have to write, cause' I don't like writing whatsoever. I LOVE music, I can't get enough of it for some awful reason, I like so many different bands Such as: plain white t's aquabats rise against rage against the machine action action the academy is anti flag billy talent linkin park the living end hot hot heat hawthorne heights blaqk audio blink 182 bloc party AFI angels and airwaves Cobra star ship coheed and cambria death cab for cutie green day hello goodbye the lashes gorillaz the hives incubus jimmy eat world men women and children motion city soundtrack NOFX rancid scary kids scaring kids the strokes sublime red hot chili peppers system of a down taking back sunday the vines and last of all 3 doors down, Senses Fail, Carlolina Liar, Breathe Carolina, Amber Pacific,Underoath, racounteurs, streelight Manifesto, Chiodos, I Set My Friends On Fire, Cky, HollywoodUndead, Brand New, Operation Ivy, Mayday Parade, and yeah, I love music :D, that's about it(Sorry if there's any repeats=p)

Also, sorry my About me is so long, if you actually took the time to read all that, seriously, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.