The song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" is about Dad wearing a costume, but we perpetuate to children the idea that Mommy is a cheater instead. amirite?

Before the internet, a kid could get excited about just seeing Santa Claus, period. Regardless of what he was doing.

Hell if it means I get more presents he could bend mommy over, give her the North Pole, and call her a Ho Ho Ho on the way out....

If someone drinks water and then you drink their pee, you are technically using them as a giant straw. amirite?
Weird is spelt weird because the word is weird, amirite?
Your butt can expel all of the three states of matter, amirite?

But thankfully not plasma.

Travelling forward in time without coming back is useless, amirite?

there's a movie called Click..

During Truth or Dare, more is revealed about the person giving the prompt, rather than the person who has to follow through with it. amirite?

Ask Jesus what his truth got him, then come back and say that again. Theres no forgiving those already forgiven.

Or like a prison

Humans are the most versatile energy conversion machines, amirite?

Ha nope they're not

@KitKatery The plural of fish, is fish.

Technically...it can be either. Another one that drives me nuts is Canada goose.

Whenever you think of Never Give You Up, you inadvertently rickroll yourself. amirite?

I like the song

We are probably going to see a lot of LASIK and eyeglass commercials this year. amirite?
@Struyk3 Elaborate.

"Get yer 20/20 vision this 2020" or smth much more cheesier

Christmas tree mass burial would make a pretty good carbon sink, amirite?

Why would it make a good carbon sink? Animal will eat and which producd co2

You can live the rest of your life without breathing. amirite?

Depends on your on hand medical machinery. I could keep you alive for for quite a while with the right equipment..

People take blowjobs for granted considering their partner could bite down on their dick at any time. amirite?

It's not like it hasnt happend before.