About me.

Idk what to put here...
I'm from PA
I'm an airplane mechanic
I'm in a band
I like waffles more than pancakes

Wanna know moar about me and which foods I prefer? Just ask. I might get back to you.*

*Knowing more about me requires you to ignore the foaming in the corners of my mouth, not be afraid of my nervous twitch, and disregarding my tourette like outbursts. Once you have this knowledge you must be able to endure the death grip of a hug I will give you afterwards, which may include a collapsed lung and/or other forms of bodily leakage. Side effects from any information or hugs includes, but is not limited to, itching, burning, urinary burning, suicidal thoughts, anal leakage, leprosy, coughing, sneezing, strange tingling in your outer extremities, blindness, dry mouth, hallucinations, dry scalp, rabies, sudden craving for corn, cotton mouth, hemorrhoids, bow legs, hic-ups, growing extra nipples, a need to be covered in cheese, temporary hearing loss, fleas, tape worm, hair loss or rapid hair growth, slurring of speech. If you have an erection lasting for more than three days... there is really something wrong with you. Hope to hear from you soon!!